Tuesday, May 3, 2016

You think 3 years is long

While going through some things today, I came back to my dashboard and noticed that it's a little under 3 years since my last blog post (May 23, 2013).  My how much has changed in 3 years and in truth in just the past 6 months. 

I'm contemplating writing about some of it here, but deciding on what to share and how to approach it. 

You see, I've been separated now from my wife for almost 6 months.  I left in the beginning of December of last year (father of the year, let me tell you, Christmas, daughter's birthday, and topped off by our precious dog Edgar (12 years old) passing away. 

There are a number of reasons for the separation, but ultimately the decision is mine.  I wish I could tell you there was some compelling reason like an affair, but alas there is not, just a lot of realizations that accumulated over almost 15 years of marriage and 16+ years of being together.

I know I can use the therapy that writing about it can bring, and I'm sure some good friends that get regular emails from me, detailing way too much, would be happy for the alternative :)

I guess if there is one positive, it's that I won't struggle for topics to write about, I've got enough in my head from the past couple years and enough unknown about what tomorrow brings, that finding things to write about shouldn't be a problem. 

Life and times indeed.

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