Friday, September 14, 2012

My two years of exile are almost at an end

Today I feel good, my exile is finally coming to a close.  I feel like Michael Jordan returning to the NBA after his suspension retirement  or Batman returning to Gotham after climbing out of a hole and having his broken back fixed while in a pit.

Almost 2 years to the day and we are moving back to Northeast Ohio.  My wife landed a job in one of the suburbs in the area.  She starts next week, and I'm in process of finishing the packing and getting things organized for the move next week.

I've enjoyed the time here in Columbus, but Cleveland is still in my blood and I'm looking forward to going back with a new perspective.

Our plans are to look for a place over the next couple months and hopefully find a place that we can pick up on the cheap, and rehab over the winter.

In the meantime, we'll be staying with my parents for a couple months, who graciously have let us move it, which will let us get our daughter into a school for a year that we are familiar with and give us a chance to get a head start on some house savings from the two incomes being applied to it, the luxury we didn't really get in moving down here since we maintained our mortgage for 10 months of our old house and my wife was laid off shortly after we would have started to gain some advantage.

Luckily this housing arrangement should make for some interesting dilemmas and situations, that might lend itself well to the blog.  Perhaps I'll even give my father a chance to 'guest' blog with his thoughts on the living arrangement.

I will say that these last two weeks of trying to re-visit some of our favorite Columbus spots has not been good for my waistline, although it's been a fun way to close out our time here.

We will be sad, as we've made a number of friends in the area and had really started to plant roots, although we were cautious in doing so, I'm glad there will be outlets to keep in touch with many of them in the future, and I'm thankful for those friendships. 

The best news, of course, is that my blog will be back to being correctly titled, and I'll warn the city now, I have a whole new perspective on things.

As for this weekend, I'll be spending it, trying to recover from already pulling a muscle in moving things up to be loaded onto the truck and spending tomorrow at the local parade, which was the first event, Bronwyn and I went to, the week after we moved down here two years ago.