Friday, August 24, 2012

The "Dad" part of my life

Today was the first day of school for my daughter, they start on a staggered schedule for first through 3rd grade, and her letter of the alphabet was up today.

She's been demonstrating a mix of excitement and fear over the past couple weeks and when I asked her about her fears she shared with me that she was scared that she would be the one farthest behind in her class.

I reassured her that she would do fine and continued trying to focus her on how much she'll grow in knowledge over the year and the fun she'll have seeing friends daily and getting to be even more independent.

We left for school this morning and my wife and I walked her to school.  After taking the necessary 1st day of school pictures and getting the hugs out of the way, we started out on our fairly short walk.  I walked ahead for the most part, letting her walk at her own pace and sort of next to her mom.  Usually we'd make her hold hands crossing streets, but since we were both there and at a leisurely pace with no cars in sight, we dropped that requirement today.  She's not old enough to be 'embarrassed' by her parents, so while I wasn't concerned about that, I did want to give her, her own space in preparing for the day.  As we got close to the school entrance and near some welcoming teachers, she moved up next to me and picked up her pace, walking with determination.  Right before we got to the door, she reached up and held my hand as we walked into the school.

You don't get a ton of moments to reflect on in life, this was one of those for me and I thought I'd share.

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