Thursday, May 10, 2012

Friday Thoughts 5/11/2012

It's been awhile, I know, but I just haven't felt like writing much.  I chalk it up to post-traumatic short sale syndrome.  I'm finally starting to come to the realization that the house is actually sold (5 weeks after closing).  I no longer dread going to my mailbox or opening my email and receiving bad news.  I'd call that progress, although I do still have a couple clean up items with the house.

Anyway, since I went and visited my father last week for his birthday and he was giving me a hard time for not writing, I thought I'd try and pick it back up.  (Hi Dad, or reader number 5 as I call you :) )

1. We are truly safe when we fly now.  The TSA has outdone themselves again.

2. I don't love this new blogger format, that I'm being forced to type in.  I will say it is better then when they first introduced it and I stuck with the classic look.  I wonder if it's my age that makes me hate this change, or I just hate the change because I don't think I need the additional functionality at the expense of ease of use.

3. I'm completely fascinated by Vladimir Putin and what he's done in Russia.  So much so, that I'm amazed that more Americans aren't interested in what's been happening there.   I am glad to see the Russian people aren't taking this sitting down. I do disagree, that this image is Moscow's new Tienanmen square image. It's powerful, but it's not on the same level of that picture or that uprising.  I'm absolutely sure that Russia's democratic process is being run over, however I do believe that the world needs a leader like Vladimir Putin in the mix as we see the worldwide economy changing.  It's an interesting quandary.

4. The Avengers is worth seeing for any comic book fan. It's a spectacle and a true modern 'popcorn' style movie.  Well done.

5. I've started a weight loss challenge with my brother and friend, where we see who can lose the highest % by October 1.  This unfortunately made me have to weigh myself.  I was not happy, however, I was less then I feared it would be, so I guess that's a minor victory.

6. President Obama came out in support of gay marriage this week.  Many want to praise him for for doing so. *$#@*#*@!!, the problem we have with politicians is that we allow this type of politically motivated behavior and then applaud the politician for doing so. 

My suggestion would be that  we treat our politicians like children, we don't 'praise' them for taking actions that are right and correct, and if they delay in doing actions that are right, we punish them. 

7. Gay marriage should be legal The fact that it isn't, shows how messed up our system truly is.  It has no bearing on anyone's life besides those that wish to spend theirs together.  I do wonder about the segment of society that is so stupid that they can't see this, and allow politicians to play this political game with people's lives while avoiding the serious issues we are facing.  How many more years are we going to allow this type of political diversion while important issues suffer?

8. As soon as I get back going with this, I'm likely to hit another snag as summer is here, along with a work trip, I have another family trip to Disney on the horizon, rough life I know.  I'm looking forward to the trip though, as we'll be making it out for Star Wars Weekends and with my daughter being a huge fan of Lego Star Wars it should make it doubly exciting.

I'm just sad I don't have an extra $100 lying around, as I must admit I'd probably get this.  Have your face frozen in carbonite.

9. Happy Mother's Day to my Mother, who put up with me and my wonderful attitude and sense of humor  for so many years.  Just remember Mom, I got half of that attitude from you :)

10.Just 9 for the week, well 10 if you count the opening paragraph.  Hope you have a great weekend wherever you are and Happy Mother's day to all of the moms out there!

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Unknown said...

Glad to see you are writing again too... sorry I haven't been keeping up with you so well... I do love what you write. Thanks for reminding me that Russia still exists. LOL. I think I do remember my dad singing Putin's praises in the past. Let's catch up more soon, especially since we did just Disney... again, too.