Thursday, March 29, 2012

Time's ticking

"The tick tock of the clock is painful, so sane and logical, I want to tear it off the wall" - Eve 6 "Inside Out"

Ah, it seems to come down to this. Our latest extension on the house offer ends tomorrow. Supposedly the bank and the title company are working on the final HUD for the offer, although that's been happening 2 weeks. If things go right, then it should be signed off on tomorrow, just ahead of the foreclosure proceedings. (I should also note that the buyer and his realtor appear to not want any further extensions)

Some fun facts if tomorrow is the closing day.

1. It will be almost 1 year to the day since the offer came in. I received news of the offer last year on April 3rd, as I was up in Cleveland for opening day with friends.

2. If it closes tomorrow, it may be the best birthday present ever. Hoping for a little birthday karma to get it through.

3. My birthdays and houses seem to go together. After my parents built their house, we spent 6 months in a 1 bedroom apartment waiting for it to be finished. (it was supposed to be done in 1 month). Those 6 months almost tore my parents marriage apart. We got to move into our house on my 16th birthday. My parents were so relieved and thrilled with the ability to move, they forgot to wish me happy birthday :( . I've used that as a constant barb since then :) . They no longer find it amusing!

4. I promise to never mention it to them again if my house closes tomorrow. Unfortunately for them, the odds are not on their sides.


Monica said...

Funny how milestones follow a calendar. Happy Birthday, and, hopefully, house closing!

Michael said...

So very true, and thank you for the well wishes.