Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Thoughts 3/2/2012

1. Deep sympathy to the families of the victims in the Chardon, OH school shootings. It's a terrible tragedy and hits home, as that's an area that many of my relatives still live.

2. School shootings always bring up a lot of difficult topics. I have one I want to talk about, but I'm going to wait a bit until things calm down some. Especially since my topic may have nothing to do with the motives or situation in Chardon and I don't want to make any assumptions about the event anyway.

3. Man brings cell phone jammer device on bus to prevent loud talkers. I have a bit of advice for him, invest in noise blocking headphones or ear buds.

4. Creepy school teacher resigns. Unfortunately I have no advice for this couple. If and I stress "If" the relationship developed as they said it has, there maybe nothing legally wrong with it. However, I do believe their is an ethical obligation for a teacher to not take advantage of their relationship with a student. I try to refrain from judging people, but 'falling in love' with a 15 year old or (even an 18 year old) would make me question your mental capacities. Any adult that has a conversation with a teenager can easily see that there are significant differences in interests, conversations, and just about everything else. My amateur psychology analysis, would say that this man has confused a mentoring role and an interest in a student with love.

5. Thank you "Mother Nature" for this mild winter. After a number of hard years with the economy, I think it's one of those things that people in the Midwest and Northern climates may get a real emotional boost from.

6. Another 1st quarter brings more layoffs for my company. I was caught off guard by it and hadn't gotten any wind of these. Which means I haven't been able to establish the same inside network, that I had in my old position. I hate days like this, as you realize that it's likely to be you on that list someday. Considering the fact that the company I work for is rather successful, I cringe when I try to imagine what people in other businesses are experiencing.

7. Burger King chicken sandwiches are 2 for 1 this week. I consider them to be the crack cocaine of fast food and a direct contributor to my 300lb+ days. However, I do think I'll be indulging in them tonight.

8. Next week brings another job fair for my wife, and some visits from friends from out of town. One of my friends is likely coming down mid-week while the wife is off at her job fair, and over the weekend, another one of my best friends and his wife are coming down and the four of us will be heading out for a night on the town. It's always nice to visit with friends, even more so now that we don't live in the area anymore.

9. My wife is obsessed with the electric cake pop maker I got her. Between the dozens of cake pops she's made, we also regularly have pancake balls (as I call them) for breakfast now. For a $20 appliance, it's sure getting a workout.

10. Have a great weekend, stay away from tornadoes and snow.


Monica said...

Re: #9...Cake pop maker??? O.M.G. How is it I've missed this groovy invention? I totally understand why your wife would be obsessed!

Michael said...

The Babycakes model that makes either 10 or 12 is the object of her affection. Her newest thing is pancake pops in the morning.