Monday, February 13, 2012

Life definitely does not imitate movies

Sometimes life just doesn't imitate art very well. The only familiarity I have with papers being served in a suit is from the movies. I can fondly recall actors dressing up in elaborate costumes in order to get in front of the named plaintiff in order to deliver them the papers. (although I admit I can't remember what bad movie it was I'm thinking of with scenes like that).

Today as I worked in my basement office, I heard a knock on the door. My wife answered, I heard them talk for a moment and then she came to my door and told me someone was there to deliver me papers. (she totally ratted me out)

I came upstairs and answered the door and the processor, went through his pile trying to find the right ones to give me. (he seemed to be struggling to read them)

He handed them over and that was it. No snarky comments from him (a "boom, you've been served" would have gone a long way), no chase scene where I duck out the back door and take off running. (I totally would have out run him based on a size comparison and let me tell you that's not saying much). Not to mention, no elaborate costumes where he pretends to be an exterminator or maintenance person in order to get face to face access.

Very anti-climatic. I'm a little bummed about this as I was looking forward to it. The only saving grace is I can now regularly accuse the wife of 'not having my back'

All I got is this, "Hey Mike, come up here, a guy is here to serve you papers." Thanks dear.

*Considering my previous posts on the matter, I should clarify, that the only "disappointment" I have at this point is how it was delivered. I was fully expecting this and have no emotion in regards to the matter any more.*

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