Thursday, February 2, 2012

Friday Thoughts 2/3/2012: Foreclosure edition

1. It's been too long and I realized I'm overdue for some rants and updates.

2. Starting with I received a letter today from an unsolicited attorney, referring to the court case the bank appears to have filed last week, foreclosing on my house. I didn't know they had what amounts to ambulance chasers in the housing litigation side of things. It appears the bank did in fact file on 1/24 and my notice from the court appears to have been mailed out 2 days ago.

3. There is a bit of relief here, that I'll now have a chance to work through an attorney on this. To this point, I don't think I've worked with a competent person through this process. The bank contacts, the realtor, and the buyer all were severely lacking in skills for something like this.

4. I want to thank my daughter for a moment of levity as I was digesting the foreclosure news. She went upstairs to get ready for the bath, as I heard a shriek followed by crying, that her Wuggle pet had fallen into the toilet. I arrived to her holding a sopping Wuggle pet and sobbing. Said Wuggle pet was quickly put through the washing machine with far more detergent and hot water then what was needed. Going forward, I'll refer to him as the "Pee Pee pet."

5. I'm way behind on the whole 'weight loss' resolution for this year. I like to blame the lapse over the past couple months on the house stuff.

6. Reese's pieces are superior to M&Ms

7. The Patriots will beat the Giants in a route on Sunday. Neither team is a favorite of mine, but after watching Bill Belichick get his start in Cleveland, I can tell you that the last Super Bowl loss has him ready to prove a point and when he's zeroed in there may not be a better game planner in the game. Tom Brady fits that model too.

8. Given the lack of updates over the past couple months, it's bad form to say this, but I have a lot of thoughts on my current career path and some fascination of where it's potentially at. Much of this came from a large company event I attended in January. I'll have to figure out how to keep it obscure without droning on if I do get a chance to write up my thoughts.

9. I'm happy to report that Downtown Disney has a rather nice "Cigar bar" that serves some premium rums. A really nice getaway spot during a conference and being surrounded by co-workers and customers for 12 hours out of the day.

10. There's a part of me that's happy that we've progressed a bit on this housing issue. I'll sure have more to say as the process plays out, but for now, I'm just going to enjoy a couple glasses of Oronoco rum and get a decent night of sleep.

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