Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Thoughts 2/10/2012

1. As I posted on Facebook, I think we have a new internet star. This video by an angry father is a lot of fun.

2. I had a chance to speak with an attorney a friend referred me to. He confirmed what I had been thinking for some time. Since our house is an FHA loan, the bank loses nothing once the foreclosure goes through. Given our circumstances, we won't need his assistance, I'll respond to the court case myself as we try to complete the short sale and then we'll go from there. It was nice to finally have some confirmation of things I believed were true, by someone who understood the situations.

3. I've been playing for a while at a local poker club. Thursday night is there big game and while I've cashed in it, I've never placed first. I finally accomplished that last night. I'll also say that over the last week, I've begun to realize that my game has improved a great deal from when I started playing last year. (Previous experience with cards was home games and while I had a strong familiarity with Hold'em, I was still relatively new to playing live with strangers). It's always fun to realize that you still have the ability to learn. Guess I'm not an old dog yet.

4. Apologies for those that are Facebook friends, but here is another video favorite for the week. Ever wondered if those before and after weight loss/workout pictures are done. Here's a pretty decent description of what might be taking place.

5. I'm starting to get the itch to give singing another shot. Now that I've settled into the new job schedule, I have a better idea of what type of time I have. I'm guessing it's not a coincidence that it coincides with starting workouts again, as I'm still amazed at the amount of energy I get even from just a few workouts.

6. I've read a lot of articles about gas prices potentially being very high this summer. Looking at airfare for the summer, I'm guessing the airlines believe it's going to be too. Prices border on ridiculous right now.

7. I've only caught one new show on TV this year, but "Once upon a Time" is a lot of fun and has kept me interested.

8. From the looks of the new foreclosure legislation, they barely attached a band aid to the bullet hole. It appears from initial reviews, that this is more likely a smaller scale bailout for banks, then it is for homeowners.

9. My daughter is now a video game addict. After struggling to find games that we could enjoy and together that would help her develop some dexterity in her hands, I purchased Lego Star Wars and she loves it. It's something we play together when we can, although she plays quite a bit after school as well, when I'm working. Her progress in mastering the controls is amazing to me.

10. I'd also like to thank Lego Star Wars for being the 1st game in many, many that I've played that seemed to truly capture some of the most riveting moments from the original trilogy in game format. It only took 20+ years, but I finally had as much fun playing the Hoth battle at the beginning of "The Empire Strikes Back" as I did in watching it.

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