Wednesday, February 29, 2012

At least I'll only have to think about it once every four years

Late last week, we received approval from the bank to complete the short sale, after the buyer sent over the addendum extending the offer to 2/29. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough time for the realtors and title co. to get things processed, so I sit hear waiting on another addendum from the buyer for an extension of that date.

From the trail of emails, I can see that the buyer's realtor has consistently tried to convince the buyer that they have assisted in delaying this process and that they have some obligation in trying to see things through on the sale. The buyer's inability to provide required paperwork has caused as much grief as the bank's requirements for it. It's also left us completely handcuffed to any other options. I'm thankful to the buyer's realtor for having an understanding of what's truly been happening.

From my understanding the buyer's realtor is now trying to convince (beg) them to sign another extension, the bank had requested an extension to 3/15, of course the buyer chose 2/29. It's amazing to me how people create more work for themselves and like to blame everyone else for problems that they contribute too, in no instance have I seen as much of this as I have in the short sale process.

So I sit here waiting and refreshing my email, hoping the file comes over before 6pm eastern time, in order for us to sign, scan, and send back to our realtor, so he can send off to the bank. (who of course will close the file today if the extension isn't processed, they of course are not blameless either in this debacle).

It's interesting sitting here waiting with anticipation for the email. I'm feeling a range of emotions. Excitement, disappointment, and exhaustion are three that I can identify. I haven't sat with this level of anticipation of something in a long time, it reminds me of waiting for a call during my teen years from a girlfriend in a new relationship. (That reminder also likely explains the disappointment I'm feeling as well).

So within the next 90 minutes we shall see how things go, either we'll have an extension and we can close on the house, or we'll likely find out what the next steps are during foreclosure mediation.

Earlier in the week, when I thought the finish might be possible by the 29th, I was thankful for the extra day in February, it appears it doesn't matter now that we need an extension, however maybe an unusual day will result in an unusual outcome.


Well it appears I've developed some wisdom over the years, instead of waiting patiently for an updated addendum that didn't come. I proceeded with my plans and took a trip to a restaurant about 30 minutes away to pick up some deep dish pizza, to bring home. It was delicious. I have no idea what the outcome is now, since we didn't get the extension in by the bank's deadline.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Weird thought for the day: "Who to really blame for Guy Fieri"

I'm fascinated by society, although I earned my degree in Psychology, my Sociology classes were far more interesting. I believe there is a lot of value in trying to understand one's own society. It's an important tool in understanding situations that develop during our social lives.

That leads me to my weird thought for the week, while catching up on 'Shark Tank' episodes last week. In the episode I was watching, an inventor of a truck rack that was collapsible was adamant that he wanted to produce the rack in the United States. The investors of the show rejected his offer based on the business principle that we just can't produce things here in the quantities needed at a price that's competitive with those that are producing in other countries.

I won't get into the global economic arguments related to it (those can be handled with far more skill by others). It did make me ask the question, "How has the loss of manufacturing changed our sociological outlook/makeup?" Since this is just a weird thought for the day and I'm working on being less verbose, the thought that came to my head is that we have an emptiness that comes from not creating. I believe there is a strong inherent desire in us as individuals (and as a result society) that drives us to create. Manufacturing would be one way for people to satisfy this need. Without it, I'd expect that from a sociological point of view, we'd see this desire manifest itself in other areas.

I believe you can see the results of this in many aspects of our daily lives and trends we've seen over the past couple of years.

1. Explosion of food programming. Don't you know at least 5 foodies right now and those that are talking about there new recipes and creations?

2. Social networking: blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I think those participating understand they are creating something for those that interact through these tools. (even ones like this, where you get me typing as I think, which I'm sure means its a mess to read on certain days)

Those are the only two I came up with right now, but I do wonder if the newer toys we see today could also be a factor of the change. Lego is enjoying huge growth with their new kits and licensed properties, and I've seen more Moon Sand/Dough, Pixos, Orbeez, and foam kits advertisements then I thought were possible.

Anyway, that's my weird thought for the day. The Food revolution is an indirect result of America's manufacturing base being moved offshore. As I wrote this post, all sorts of fun headlines came to mind for the title, here are some of them.

"Is America's Food revolution the result of it's manufacturing demise?"
"Model T's and TV Dinners"
"How to make a country fat"

Monday, February 13, 2012

Life definitely does not imitate movies

Sometimes life just doesn't imitate art very well. The only familiarity I have with papers being served in a suit is from the movies. I can fondly recall actors dressing up in elaborate costumes in order to get in front of the named plaintiff in order to deliver them the papers. (although I admit I can't remember what bad movie it was I'm thinking of with scenes like that).

Today as I worked in my basement office, I heard a knock on the door. My wife answered, I heard them talk for a moment and then she came to my door and told me someone was there to deliver me papers. (she totally ratted me out)

I came upstairs and answered the door and the processor, went through his pile trying to find the right ones to give me. (he seemed to be struggling to read them)

He handed them over and that was it. No snarky comments from him (a "boom, you've been served" would have gone a long way), no chase scene where I duck out the back door and take off running. (I totally would have out run him based on a size comparison and let me tell you that's not saying much). Not to mention, no elaborate costumes where he pretends to be an exterminator or maintenance person in order to get face to face access.

Very anti-climatic. I'm a little bummed about this as I was looking forward to it. The only saving grace is I can now regularly accuse the wife of 'not having my back'

All I got is this, "Hey Mike, come up here, a guy is here to serve you papers." Thanks dear.

*Considering my previous posts on the matter, I should clarify, that the only "disappointment" I have at this point is how it was delivered. I was fully expecting this and have no emotion in regards to the matter any more.*

Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Thoughts 2/10/2012

1. As I posted on Facebook, I think we have a new internet star. This video by an angry father is a lot of fun.

2. I had a chance to speak with an attorney a friend referred me to. He confirmed what I had been thinking for some time. Since our house is an FHA loan, the bank loses nothing once the foreclosure goes through. Given our circumstances, we won't need his assistance, I'll respond to the court case myself as we try to complete the short sale and then we'll go from there. It was nice to finally have some confirmation of things I believed were true, by someone who understood the situations.

3. I've been playing for a while at a local poker club. Thursday night is there big game and while I've cashed in it, I've never placed first. I finally accomplished that last night. I'll also say that over the last week, I've begun to realize that my game has improved a great deal from when I started playing last year. (Previous experience with cards was home games and while I had a strong familiarity with Hold'em, I was still relatively new to playing live with strangers). It's always fun to realize that you still have the ability to learn. Guess I'm not an old dog yet.

4. Apologies for those that are Facebook friends, but here is another video favorite for the week. Ever wondered if those before and after weight loss/workout pictures are done. Here's a pretty decent description of what might be taking place.

5. I'm starting to get the itch to give singing another shot. Now that I've settled into the new job schedule, I have a better idea of what type of time I have. I'm guessing it's not a coincidence that it coincides with starting workouts again, as I'm still amazed at the amount of energy I get even from just a few workouts.

6. I've read a lot of articles about gas prices potentially being very high this summer. Looking at airfare for the summer, I'm guessing the airlines believe it's going to be too. Prices border on ridiculous right now.

7. I've only caught one new show on TV this year, but "Once upon a Time" is a lot of fun and has kept me interested.

8. From the looks of the new foreclosure legislation, they barely attached a band aid to the bullet hole. It appears from initial reviews, that this is more likely a smaller scale bailout for banks, then it is for homeowners.

9. My daughter is now a video game addict. After struggling to find games that we could enjoy and together that would help her develop some dexterity in her hands, I purchased Lego Star Wars and she loves it. It's something we play together when we can, although she plays quite a bit after school as well, when I'm working. Her progress in mastering the controls is amazing to me.

10. I'd also like to thank Lego Star Wars for being the 1st game in many, many that I've played that seemed to truly capture some of the most riveting moments from the original trilogy in game format. It only took 20+ years, but I finally had as much fun playing the Hoth battle at the beginning of "The Empire Strikes Back" as I did in watching it.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Some more "House" stuff

I'll try and put something house related in the title if the post relates to that, for those that aren't interested.

Interesting angle on this new lawsuit by a professor in a community less then 5 minutes away from my former house.

I've met with an attorney in regards to the current foreclosure action. As wrote Monday, not much has changed, it's essentially the bank trying to cover all of their bases at the moment.

I'm at the point, where I'm trying to decide to whether to retain the attorney, who would try and assist with the short sale, or represent myself with the courts as we move forward. This whole process has been one big vacuum on cash. Add in the debt that we had prior to moving and wife being laid off at the end of October and there is a part of me, that rejects the notion of investing any more then I have to at this point. We aren't desolate, but hiring a lawyer at this point seems potentially silly. I have to believe that even if the banks pursue a deficiency judgement (and I can't tell whether they will or won't), the amount of it would be fairly trivial from their perspective (in my opinion) and my attorney fees, could potentially be 10-15% of that. Not to mention, with the current crush of debt and a deficiency judgement, I'd likely have to play my last card and would likely file bankruptcy. Which would mean that spending dollars on the potential help of an attorney in this matter only to see it fail and then having to spend more cash on a bankruptcy attorney seems sort of stupid.

I'm talking with the attorney this afternoon in regards to it. I could understand if there was a potential 6 figure deficit out there that the banks needed to close the gap on and I if had any type of resources for them to come after, but my slate is pretty clean as far as green money goes, although I have no idea how the courts view these types of things. Perhaps the bank would like my rusting 10 yr old Dodge Stratus, that I just sunk more money than it's worth into last month (cringe).

I feel like I'm playing poker and losing regularly.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Remember that post where I admit I'm wrong

It appears my forecasting powers for the Super Bowl were way off. I will say at least I put my own money where my mouth was and am silently cursing Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and Giselle right now. (Ok, not really cursing Giselle, just cursing Tom more for such a rough life to go home too.)

Also to follow up on the house sale. I talked to my attorney on Friday, as I had started to suspect, this foreclosure action really does nothing other then hopefully get the bank to internally deal better with a short sale on my account. We also have a new negotiator for our sale, this would be about the 9th over the past 6 months. I'm hoping the buyer sends over the revised date offer on Monday, which the new negotiator has finally asked for one with a 6 week out expiration. (the first negotiator that appears to care about this rather significant detail).

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Friday Thoughts 2/3/2012: Foreclosure edition

1. It's been too long and I realized I'm overdue for some rants and updates.

2. Starting with I received a letter today from an unsolicited attorney, referring to the court case the bank appears to have filed last week, foreclosing on my house. I didn't know they had what amounts to ambulance chasers in the housing litigation side of things. It appears the bank did in fact file on 1/24 and my notice from the court appears to have been mailed out 2 days ago.

3. There is a bit of relief here, that I'll now have a chance to work through an attorney on this. To this point, I don't think I've worked with a competent person through this process. The bank contacts, the realtor, and the buyer all were severely lacking in skills for something like this.

4. I want to thank my daughter for a moment of levity as I was digesting the foreclosure news. She went upstairs to get ready for the bath, as I heard a shriek followed by crying, that her Wuggle pet had fallen into the toilet. I arrived to her holding a sopping Wuggle pet and sobbing. Said Wuggle pet was quickly put through the washing machine with far more detergent and hot water then what was needed. Going forward, I'll refer to him as the "Pee Pee pet."

5. I'm way behind on the whole 'weight loss' resolution for this year. I like to blame the lapse over the past couple months on the house stuff.

6. Reese's pieces are superior to M&Ms

7. The Patriots will beat the Giants in a route on Sunday. Neither team is a favorite of mine, but after watching Bill Belichick get his start in Cleveland, I can tell you that the last Super Bowl loss has him ready to prove a point and when he's zeroed in there may not be a better game planner in the game. Tom Brady fits that model too.

8. Given the lack of updates over the past couple months, it's bad form to say this, but I have a lot of thoughts on my current career path and some fascination of where it's potentially at. Much of this came from a large company event I attended in January. I'll have to figure out how to keep it obscure without droning on if I do get a chance to write up my thoughts.

9. I'm happy to report that Downtown Disney has a rather nice "Cigar bar" that serves some premium rums. A really nice getaway spot during a conference and being surrounded by co-workers and customers for 12 hours out of the day.

10. There's a part of me that's happy that we've progressed a bit on this housing issue. I'll sure have more to say as the process plays out, but for now, I'm just going to enjoy a couple glasses of Oronoco rum and get a decent night of sleep.