Thursday, October 27, 2011

Friday Thoughts 10/28/2011 Still alive and kicking

Every time I start a blog post, I end up saving it and putting it to the side for later. I have five in process right now, many of them are emotionally charged, scatter pieces, talking about everything from politics to what's going on in my personal life now. I've said before I'd rather not commit to future content, but since I seem to be having large gaps between updating the blog, I thought it would be beneficial to anyone reading it, that it's something that's still on my mind and that I'm trying to come back to.

Anyway, here's my newest Friday thought list, hopefully less emotionally charged then where I'm at currently.

1. The big one, my wife was told last Friday that 10/28 is her last day at the school, they are laying her off. This probably wouldn't be as big a deal if we hadn't uprooted our lives to come down here for the job and weren't still in the mud with selling the house in Cleveland (and some of the things that needed to be done that means we have to sell it). Needless to say, it's been a somber mood around here as we try and figure out the upcoming months.

2. We are one month out from Black Friday, wife's job be damned, I'll be out again and I'll probably provide some mobile content to the blog. I can't wait to start game planning the chaos.

3. I'm a big fan of Halloween, but it doesn't look like there will be any grown up activities this year. I did however, come across an interesting article relating to Halloween costumes. A group of students at Ohio University are protesting racially insensitive costumes. I'm not sure what my position is on this subject. I can understand their point of racial insensitivity, but I also would point out that, in most cases, we are talking about humor, which is a complex subject in relation to insensitivity. I'll acknowledge that my view maybe tinted as my demographic (heterosexual, white, male) isn't a minority and I'd love to hear people's thoughts in regards to the issue.

4. Gadhafi is dead. As a person born in the 70's, he's in many cases a more significant figure then Osama Bin Laden was to me. The change in the Middle East over the last couple years is significant and I wonder what further affects some of these changes will have. Although I'm a bit concerned about the new Libyan government's initial communications on how they intended to run their government.

5. It's rare that a new show catches my eye enough for me to watch it and rarer that I like it once I do, but FX's American Horror Story is pretty good so far. I recommend people check it out and on Monday 10/31, they are running a marathon of all the episodes aired so far.

6. That Lohan family is kind of f'ed up.

7. Beavis and Butthead are back tonight, I don't know whether I'm excited or sure that it's an indicator of the upcoming Apocalypse.

8. Last weekend we had a chance to visit for the second time "All Hallows Eve" at the Ohio Historical Society, it's really a fantastic time for a family night out. The event is capped by a live telling of the "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" which includes a visit by the Headless Horsemen. If you near Columbus during the last two weeks of October, I highly recommend a visit. They also do a Christmas/Dickens event, that I hope we'll get to visit this year.

9. I guess I should weigh in on Steve Jobs, as everyone else seems to have done so. I can appreciate what Mr. Jobs brought to the IT industry and there is a fair amount of design genius that he championed. However, I have a bit of an issue with those that seem to be deeply affected by Mr. Jobs passing. While he had many admirable qualities from a business standpoint, he was an asshole. He walked over people, demeaned them, and would never have been considered modest. While I have mixed feelings on whether the uber-rich should contribute to charity, Mr. Jobs in comparison to other billionaires was not known in any way for his philanthropy. I find it bizarre that he could be so endearing to people, given many of these traits.

10. I have no facts to prove it, but I have to believe that bars (at least in most of the mid-west) that close at 2, hate the fact that daylight savings time changed the schedule a couple years ago. Having it fall on Halloween weekend, had to mean huge additional profits from just that one hour and full house. If I was an enterprising sort, I'd probably promote that as one of the reasons we are in the recession and blame whatever party was occupying the Presidency or House at the time.

Bonus: Halloween and October overall make me miss so many of my friends that I hung out with during my college years. We had so many good and drama filled times. If any of them are reading this, Hi, and stay safe this Halloween.

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