Monday, October 3, 2011

Baseball Predictions 2011 American League Follow-up

The regular season ended for Major League Baseball, so let's see how I did in predicting things this year.

AL Predictions.

NL Predictions

Indian's Predictions

American League:

Starting with the East, I'd say I didn't do well. I predicted the Rays to win the Division and the Red Sox to finish in second and take the wild card. The Rays did make the playoffs and the Red Sox didn't. The only point I'll make is I did say the Red Sox would be better then the Yankees due to their pitching, the Yankees got a big boost from some youngsters this year, that evened the score. (side note: CC Sabathia is still going strong and 300 is going to be talked about here in the next year or 2)

Moving to the Central, my predictions stunk. I was as wrong about this division as I could be. The White Sox and Twins got off to bad starts and never recovered. The Tigers got off to a mediocre start and then pummeled the rest of the division. We'll get to the Indians in a bit.

The West saved me from a total disaster of predictions in the American League. (but I'll be honest, it was a fairly easy prediction for this one.) The two top teams are pretty good, the two lower ones are pretty bad.

Surprise team: The Blue Jays, not a bad pick, although given how horrible we expected the Indians to be, maybe not the best pick. The Blue Jays are rounding into a contender though and even in a very tough division will probably get there before the Indians do.

MVP, Cy Young, AL Rookie: The awards haven't been announced yet, but this prediction to me is more along the lines of how well the player you did predict actually performed during the season.

MVP: Oh god, Joe Mauer was my prediction, what the hell was I thinking. The Twins will be lucky if he moves to second base and puts up Craig Biggio numbers for the rest of his career after giving him a bloated contract.

Cy Young: Justin Verlander, keep picking one of the most talented pitchers every year as your Cy Young candidate and you are bound to be right at some point. An excellent year for possibly the best pitcher in the game right now.

AL Rookie: Kyle Drabek, decent year for the son of Doug, but not Rookie of the Year worthy. Not an impressive year for the American League for rookies. Mike Trout of the Angels probably will win this and should win it. He replaced Kendry Morales and carried that offense in many ways for the Angels.

Comeback Player of the Year/Most Improved Player: I didn't pick a comeback player, but instead picked two to improve. Gordon and Butler had very good years and finally came around to what scouts had been predicting for them for years.

Manager of the Year: Joe Maddon was my prediction and given how the Rays got into the playoffs, he proved to me at least (again) that he's one of the top 3 managers in the American League.

American League champ: Let's just pretend I didn't predict this, yikes, the Twins .

I'll follow up with thoughts on the Indians and the National League in future posts.

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