Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Thoughts 7/29/2011

Nothing gets me back in the mode of regular writing, like spewing out 10 miscellaneous thoughts and rants.

1. It's one day late, but my wife and I celebrated our 10th anniversary yesterday. Holy crap, that's a pretty long time and it's been quite a ride through those years. If anyone ever tells you marriage is easy, they haven't been married, but at the end of the day it is worth it.

2. You know those commercials that talk about Dyson vacuums never losing suction, while that maybe true, I'd like to raise a large middle finger to Mr. Dyson. While your vacuums may not ever lose suction, the fact that I have to replace a complete clutch for one belt snapping, means I truly hate your bright yellow product.

3. Sad news from the TV world last week, TNT's "Men of a Certain Age" has been canceled. This truly sucks. I realize the show didn't relate to a broad audience, it's writing was excellent and covered growing older in a way I'm not sure many shows have ever done. It will be missed.

4. To our elected lawmakers on the National debt issue, I totally feel your pain in managing crushing amounts of debt. Oh wait, I'm not supposed to empathize with you, it's supposed to be the other way around. Jackasses.

5. Yes, I'm a bit surly today.

6. I'm truly sorry that Amy Winehouse died from an overdose, but last weekend's major news story should have been about Norway. The fact is when you compare a tragedy like this, to a self inflicted tragedy like Amy Winehouse experienced, there really is no comparison. Both tragic, one by a measurable difference.

7. Ahh, Glenn Beck, I always kind of thought you were an idiot, but you do continue to impress me. The fascinating thing to me is that you are pretty bad at what you do. Some would assume I think you are an idiot for the views you present, and while I certainly disagree with them, I can understand why you present the ones you do. Except when you so blatantly go over the line of good taste, that I have to wonder if you are truly mentally handicapped, as you did with your Norway comments. I probably should thank you, as you do try to ensure that reasonably minded individuals don't ever take you seriously or bother to listen to your drivel.

8. I'm off to purchase my first e-cig today, or at least shop locally for one. I've been looking over everything on the web that I can find to try and make the first decision easier, we'll see how it goes.

9. Traveling seems to throw my workout schedule out the window. It's been about three weeks since I had a solid workout and getting over that hump and getting back to it is the biggest hurdle. Tomorrow I think I need to go for a morning bike ride. It's also probably time to set a new goal for workouts in a period of time.

10. August is here (well almost). Enjoy the last month of what we consider summer, even if it's hot and humid, we'll be crying for this weather 6 months from now.

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