Monday, June 13, 2011

Let it rock! Columbus's newest cover band singer!

I got my hopes up and got rewarded in this case, I received a call tonight from the bassist forLink "So What" that they liked my audition and wanted to offer me the spot as their singer. I eagerly accepted.

Now the real work begins, the band is playing out their last three gigs this month with their previous singer, whose moving on to other projects, and in the meantime we'll start putting together a new set list and learning tunes we each will be bringing to the table.

I'm extremely excited about the opportunity and can't wait to write more about it as we move forward. The next two months maybe a bit slow in putting things together as I have two weeks away and the drummer has a two weeks in July he's gone too, but considering how much we were able to accomplish in the audition, I'm hopeful we'll be looking at something for mid to late August.

I'll have more details as things go along and will be updating the blog with all sorts of band related stuff, including set lists, struggles, and gig reviews. I also have to go find a microphone I like, which means likely giving a call to my former drummer and getting his insight.

I knew this jacket I bought last weekend as it was 90 degrees outside was meant for something.

Although that isn't the exact style, it's pretty close.

Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks!

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