Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Thoughts 6/3/2011

I find myself growing increasingly busy and it' s not looking good for the next couple months. So while I have a number of posts that I'm thinking about, I'm afraid all I have time for at the moment is a top 10 of thoughts.

1. Jim Tressel, coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes football team, resigned this week. On a personal level, I could care less, college football has never been one of my favorite sports. From a sociological level, I've been fascinated by the town's reaction and sports talk discussion. I'd say before the resignation there was a definite feeling in the Columbus community that he should either be fired or resign. I must say I was shocked by this sentiment. For a town that lives and breathes based on Ohio State Football in a similar way to what Cleveland does with their pro sports teams, I couldn't understand why they'd be so quick to dump the coach that led their team to a championship. The best assumption I can make is that they care far more for the program then the coach and cannot fathom the possibility of big sanctions against the program. That seemed to be the argument in favor of getting rid of Tressel. Compare that with the mentality in Cleveland, where we idolize players and coaches and make them our own, no matter what type of trouble they get into, and if they are really good or win us a championship, the town adopts them as a permanent icon. Cleveland's the town that after Albert Belle came back from his alcohol problem and then proceeded to hit a fan in the chest with a baseball, gave him a standing ovation the next day (and we loved and protected him until he turned his back on us). The list of flawed superstars that we take as our own is fairly long, Jim Brown, Manny Ramirez, Albert Belle, Bernie Kosar, Robby Alomar, Art Modell, and Lebron James. Jim Tressel if he won a championship in Cleveland, would have buildings and roads named after him immediately and I can guarantee most of the talk there wouldn't have been he needs to go (unless of course he turned his back on us, like a large number on the list above). I must admit I find this difference fascinating and a bit disheartening, Cleveland may have a lot of things wrong with it, but the fans loyalty and passion aren't one of them.

2. My daughter graduated pre-school yesterday. At first I thought it was sort of a ridiculous to have a ceremony for pre-school graduation, but as I sat there and watched them do their songs and show a slide show of pictures of the kids, I began to appreciate it. It's another step in her growing up, something I continue to not want to think about, but a thought that constantly drives me to make the most of the time now. In honor of her graduation, here's one of my favorite pictures of her.
This was a dress up evening, wearing her witch hat and Cinderella outfit. There's an innocence I think I captured in her expression.

3. I can't say enough good things about the pre-school my daughter has attended. The program they run there exceeded my expectations in every way. During college I worked as a child care admin. for a number of places. You learn a lot from the inside, including the fact that turnover is a huge issue for the programs and that organized teaching plans are often talked about and rarely implemented successfully. My daughter's pre-school does an excellent job on both fronts. Her main teacher has been there for 10 years and much of the staff has been there for many years as well, that's a tribute to their director, who has been there for 21 years. I couldn't have asked for a better setting for my daughter to learn in.

4. Dr. Jack Kevorkian died, for those that are old enough to remember, one of the most controversial people of the 90's, Dr. Kevorkian was the poster boy for physician assisted suicide. In my personal opinion, I believe physician assisted suicide should be allowed; however I've always been a bit repulsed by Dr. Kevorkian as I believe he had ulterior motives in his assistance. I believe he was a bit of a ghoul and took far too much pleasure in his actions. Of course this is all based on readings I've done and there is no shortage of personal bias in many of the articles I did read on him, however based on how I review things, my gut instinct tells me that Dr. Kevorkian had an agenda for himself in addition to 'assisting' others.

5. Uh oh, bad run for the Cleveland Indians right now. Here's hoping they pull out of it, or at least get some less then .500 teams to play against. Even with their bad run, they still own the best record in baseball (see what a good start does for you). On a lighter side, check out this story from the Onion, let me just say that whoever wrote this, captured the mentality of the Cleveland fan perfectly.

6. I have another audition scheduled for Wednesday, another one that I'm cautiously optimistic for. These guys definitely seem to have it together and there style is very similar to mine. I'm almost fearful of writing about this, as if I don't I can keep from getting my hopes up. There is a part of me that really wants to get something going with a band and another part that really hates the potential rejection. At least for now I still seem to be able to overcome the side that wants me to do nothing due to possible rejection.

7. Memorial day weekend was interesting, it was the first summer bbq weekend we have had down here in Columbus. It was kind of sad on some levels as we couldn't head over to see friends and family for an afternoon, and on the other hand it forced us to try and find some new type traditions to do. We wound up heading to the Asian Festival here in Columbus. I have to say it was pretty cool. The festival was laid out in the park by the conservatory, with stages set up for dance routines and martial arts. In addition they had two areas of vending set up, one with food and one with items for purchase. The food vending section was very impressive. If for no other reason then they had such a variety of Asian cuisines available. One of the things I used to hate about festivals in Cleveland, whether it be Irish, Italian, or any other nationality is that when you got there, there was a horrible selection of food representing the festival. You'd wind up with the same 4 gyro trucks at every festival and if you found something Italian it was usually pizza or Stromboli. Every vendor at the Asian festival had something interesting and there were a ton of Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Chinese choices. The only bad thing about it, was the fact that it was about 95 degrees, a temperature that severely curbs my appetite.

8. Based on our enjoyment of the festival, I can see us going to a lot more of those over the summer, especially since there isn't a lot of room at the townhouse to relax and just hang outside. I will say that getting into Columbus is relatively easy and the festivals tend to be spread out all over the city, the one negative though is parking in downtown Columbus sucks.

9. I ordered four bottles of my favorite rum from online this week. My Cruzan Blackstrap has arrived, now the summer can officially begin. It's a great mixer for summer cocktails, although I like it straight up too, although I will say that most rum reviewers don't consider it anything special.

10. You would think after all of my drivel for the first 9 that coming up with a 10th point would be easy. You would be wrong. Oh wait, I guess this is my 10th point. Have a great weekend everyone.


Anonymous said...

While doing a search for Cleveland Asian festival, I found your site. I noticed you attended the Columbus Asian festival, did you also attend the Cleveland Asian festival the weekend before?

Michael said...

I did not get a chance to attend that festival, but from the looks of the website, it looks like quite a festival and appears to remedy one of the issues I used to have with so many festivals in the Cleveland area. (that the organizers maintained their theme for the vending of the festival). I hope to make it up there next year for it.