Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Thoughts 6/10/2011

1. Besides being my favorite post to write up to date, it appears that my Ginsu knife post has also drawn a lot of traffic. Considering traffic to my site is usually like traffic on a dirt road, I may have to come up with some new things to try.

2. The wife is back on the yo-yo in regards to her job. As it turns out, her letter last month was commitment to sign contract once presented, however the school hasn't reached their necessary enrollment numbers yet, and while they believe they'll clear that easily, she won't be getting a contract until July. After the last couple years, I'd really like to just see a 5 year period or so where we don't have to worry about jobs.

3. My 20 year reunion is next week, I'm glad to say that my goal of 44 workouts before my reunion that I started 11 weeks ago is nearing completion, I'm currently at 42 and expect to have no issue reaching the 44th. I will say that I haven't gotten the exact results I've hoped for, but I've seen some definite improvements. The lull in workouts after moving down to Columbus was far longer then I've gone in 20 years and the effects were pretty substantial. I cannot afford at this age to have a period of inactivity like that again.

4. In trying to keep my balanced outlook and refrain from bashing on Sarah Palin or Ann Coulter this week, I'm trying to decide who's actually worse. John Edwards or Anthony Weiner. Actually there is no comparison in my opinion. Edwards wins in a landslide, terminally ill wife (check), baby with mistress (check), hide in bathroom from National Enquirer (check), make staff member take ownership of child and harm his marriage (check), and pay out of campaign funds to mistress to keep her quiet (check). Outstanding work there John.

5. Last week, there was a lot of buzz on the child's sign in Texas, where he offered his piggy bank to the Ranger that hit his brother. A lot of the discussion was on whether the parent's were bad parents. I won't say they were bad parents, but I cannot for the life of me understand for one minute, why they allowed their child to put up a sign like that. It's definitely a case of bad judgement on their part, who let's one of their kids put a sign like that up in public 'targeting' their other child.

6. It looks like Florida is in process of passing regulations requiring welfare applicants to take a drug test. I can understand why they are doing it, and I understand why so many people are in favor of it, but I'm against it. As I am with any kind of drug testing, as I believe it's an infringement on an individuals privacy. It amazes me how quickly people are eager to allow the government to take civil liberties, when they think it's being taken away from someone else.

7. Over the last week or two, I noticed some articles that talked about ending the "War on Drugs" and taking a different approach in how we spend the dollars supporting it currently. I didn't note any of the links and I'm not having much luck in finding them, but I would consider them sort of mainstream articles, not fringe web sites. The reason I mention this, is I think we will come to a point someday where we end the "War on Drugs" and stop spending millions and billions of dollars on enforcement, incarceration, and everything else we spend on it and rather redirect some of those funds to continued education and rehabilitation programs. To this point, I don't think that sentiment has been anything other then a fringe suggestion, it's going to take some time for it to be brought to the American mainstream consciousness, I think the thought is getting closer to becoming a subject we'll see average people debating over here in the near future.

8. My opinion is that ending the "War on Drugs" is the way for the country to go. There would be an adjustment period to doing it, but in the end I think prohibition in this case is far more costly then allowing it. I think the important message that those supporting the end of prohibition is that legalization does not mean 'has to use'.

9. After a soggy beginning to spring, I'm extremely happy that we jumped right into July and August style heat. It's a welcome relief from the winter, and with the pool at the complex here, very easy to head over to it for a quick dip or a relaxing weekend day.

10. This will probably be the last Friday Thoughts for a couple weeks, we have our first Disney vacation coming up here soon and I'm guessing I won't be doing many blog posts at all. I hope to recap some of the trip in the blog when I return.

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