Monday, June 6, 2011

Ever wonder how things would be?

Over the weekend, I seemed to have many dream filled sleep sessions, and while I can't remember specifics of those dreams. I can remember waking up Sunday morning, with a question, I thought I'd write about.

It's actually a couple of questions.

1. How would everyday life change if something epic happened?
2. What would the coverage of said event be like?
3. How would the world change?

The first thing I need to do is define what I mean by epic. In this case, I'm talking about something that defies rational thought, something spectacular that has the ability to change our perception of the world. In this case I'm not referring to catastrophes (Hurricane Katrina devastation, Japan tsunami, or nuclear meltdown) or acts of war (September 11th attack or Oklahoma City Bombing). Those things definitely change the way we think and act, but not in the way I'm wondering about right here.

What I mean by epic, is something akin to finding out the world isn't flat or isn't at the center of the universe, but in a more significant way.

Here's an example of some of the things I'm thinking about.

1. What if some religious miracle happened and was completely visible?
2. What if there was some confirmation of aliens, whether by contact or some sort of attack?
3. What if something happened to the earth that made the scale of Japan's tsunami or Hurricane Katrina pale in comparison? (i.e. a global event)

There are a ton of other epic style events, I'm sure people could come up with. I wonder how the world would react and how life would change, if it did at all?

I know a lot of it depends on the act and the fallout from it, but it's something I used to wonder about as a child/teenager and I was just thinking about it this weekend.

Personally, I'd find it fascinating to see how things develop, I have a strong affinity for chaos in social systems and something epic would be the epitome of this on a global scale.

There is a part of me that believes that not much would actually change though if something happened, or at least not much in the day to day life of the masses. From my view, large change to the social conscious is something that takes some time. That time can be affected by the size of the event; however it's still a fairly slow change.

Anyway, that's my random, irrelevant question for the day. Feel free to share any thoughts in comments.

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