Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things I think about: Outfit choice for 20 year reunion

I'm a shade under 30 days until my 20 year high school reunion. I've already documented my new work out plan that I've been on for the past month, which is still going very well; however, I have a new dilemma.

What the hell do I wear? Anyone familiar with my blog or me, has probably noted that I'm a bit of nutcase when it comes to clothes. It's not that I have to have designer brands or anything, it's just that I'm very particular in my style.

The reunion is stressing me out for a number of reasons.

1. It's in the summer, and I really hate summer clothes. Due to the fact that I have monkey arms that appear exaggerated when I wear short sleeves. It is a semi-casual event and it's at night, so I can probably get by wearing long sleeves and will, but my choices are still limited due to it being summer, my favorite clothes are best fit for fall and winter.

2. I'm guessing that this is a semi-formal affair (what the hell does that even mean?). The invitation doesn't seem to specify, but I remember reading it somewhere. I have no doubt that many will show up in business casual attire. My business casual style is typically a bit heavier then average, and my semi-formal is likely to be as well. The key here is trying to refrain from going over the top with things. I'm used to and comfortable being 1 level above others, the potential here is to be 2 levels above though, which is not what I want to do.

3. I know the reason I'm stressing about this. I've documented it before, but to say I was a nerd in high school would be putting it mildly. I remember my outfit choices being decided on what was least likely to get picked on and what I was most comfortable in. (I was 320lbs at that point and a late bloomer, so in truth there was very little I was comfortable in). I know there is a pressing desire to be a bit extravagant in this case. Extravagant isn't really my style, so I need to guard against it. This adds to the pressure of striking the right chord.

In truth, I have very little concern for what everyone else might think of my outfit, but it matters to me. I want it to convey a message of who I am now and I want to be comfortable in the outfit. It sets the right tone with me and should allow me to be comfortable in having discussions during the evening.

So what am I going to wear? I have one outfit that I'm hesitant to try on at this point, which is a dark blue sport coat and matching pants, that I can pair with a dark shirt (sort of a signature). I'm hesitant to try it on, because it's been awhile since I wore it and if it doesn't look right, I'm back at square one. It's also potentially a bit too formal, although it's nice enough that it can appear a bit more casual (if that makes any sense).

I'm likely to try that outfit on today to get a feel for it and make a decision. If it's adequate, I have half of the issue solved, the other half will then be what to wear to the casual mixer the night before. (Crap!!!)

I should note if I haven't already in another post. This reunion isn't really important to me in the same manner it probably is for most of those attending. I only knew most of the people in my class for 4 years due to us moving prior to my entering high school. I don't have the same emotional investment many of my friends have that grew up with some of these people and spent 20 yrs with them and then lost contact. I also have kept in contact with a fair number of people over those 20 years. The reunion itself is more of a milestone for me, almost a transition or a rite of passage, to hopefully let my mind wrap itself around the fact, that I'm not 20 yrs old anymore.

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