Monday, May 16, 2011

Personal Nature: Thinking about tattoo(s)

I've been looking over some tattoo designs lately. I currently don't have one, but I can remember wanting one since high school. I'm getting very close to finding the design that I want for it.

I realized something as I was looking over designs, it happened when my wife mentioned that she was ready for her second tattoo. I realized that our processes on deciding tattoos was extremely reflective of some of our personality traits.

Let me explain.

My wife got her first tattoo a couple years ago, it's a small symbol on the side of her back. It's a small conservative tattoo; however to my wife it's her pushing the envelope. I should note my wife doesn't entirely agree with me, to her, the size of her tattoo is relative to her size, and I'm not disagreeing with that fact. I did point out to her, that she did choose a basic symbol about the size of the quarter in a spot where she can't ever view it without a mirror. If you know my wife, it's what you would expect from her. It's my wife's attempt at being 'edgy', however much like her personality it still comes off as cute. She can't help it, she's cute and doesn't really have the mentality to be 'edgy'.

So let's move to me. I've been thinking about this for years, however I've only gotten serious about it in the last couple years. There are a couple reasons for this:

1. There is a real possibility that this is the only one I will ever get or want.
2. It needs to be almost perfect, meeting all of the things I want it to express.
3. It needs to be fairly large and bold.
4. I'm expecting it to be fairly intricate.
5. I'm almost 40, if I'm going to do it, it needs to be done now.

As I've looked at this, I realized that this is exactly how I go about large decisions to which I would consider 'risky'. (Note I use the term risky for this situation due to not knowing how I'll feel about having one, so for it being my first, I assign it risk)

Since there is very little time pressure on the decision, my decision making process for something that's a big deal (to me) is exactly how I would expect it to be. A slow, comprehensive process, with the end results expected to be perfect, bold, complex, and noticeable. Now whether that actually comes through or not, will depend of course on the tattoo. It should also be pointed out, that this whole discussion just adds fuel to the argument that I can elevate a seemingly simple decision into something epic. I'm well aware of this character flaw, but as you can see I rather enjoy indulging it.

Going forward, I'm considering this a fairly useful tool to apply in my thought process in meeting people and trying to understand how they approach things. It's certainly not an exact science, but as a student of human nature, I find it a potentially valuable piece of information, that I maybe able to utilize someday. I also have a reference point in comparison to myself and my wife, that I didn't have from basic stereotypes for those with tattoos, which is the reason this is something I could potentially utilize going forward. Without that reference point, I probably wouldn't use it at all, as stereotypes tend to be far too general to apply to understanding of an individual, in my opinion.

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