Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just for the re-clickers

One of the problems with having a blog that has a format of day in the life, is that updates suffer when either there is nothing to talk about or there is too much to talk about. I'm sort of in between both of those things right now. There's a lot going on, but not much to write about. I also hate going to long without posting something, since I know as a regular reader, I'd much rather read random updates then see nothing new.

So for all of you who follow, here's what's been happening lately.

I'm just beginning week 6 of the workout challenge. I'm at 22 workouts at the moment, about 1 ahead of pace of what I had planned (4 workouts per week for 11 weeks). I was ahead by 3, but ran into a sinus infection last week and a trip up to Cleveland that threw me off schedule. Luckily I had a little cushion. The workouts are going well, but not exactly seeing the results I hoped for at this point, which means I was worse off then I had anticipated, hopefully I'll be un rounding into shape here soon. I did scrap the 10 workout before shave criteria. The stubble was bothering me after about 5-6 days and since I was on schedule, it seemed like an unnecessary motivator.

The family received some good news this week, the wife had her contract renewed for the 2011-2012 school year, so for at least another year, we'll be here in Columbus. We are still working out whether we are going to stay in the townhouse or try to find something different, my bet is we stay in the townhouse. It's not the biggest place, but we do have some room to breathe here and the neighbors are entertaining, although not as much as my former street in Cleveland.

Car troubles seem to be the biggest current headache, still trying to find enough time to get our car that was hit an run on the driver's door into the shop for repairs. On top of that, my wife hit a pot hole (trench) last week, that destroyed the tire and rim. Since I decided not to take it to the dealer, due to the ridiculous prices I saw from them on last tire replacement, I now have 1 new rim and 3 factory ones on the car. (I seem to be adjusting to life in Grovetucky very well. It should be noted that the term Grovetucky is what residents of Columbus, proper, have told me that my current city is called by most) (The good news is that the new rim looks great on the car and once I have the money to get the other three put on, I may force the wife to drive the older car :) )

The news that I've been keeping 'secret' for some time now and that has been consuming a large part of my daily life (and anxiety) is the fact that we are in negotiations with our bank on our house in Cleveland for a short sale on the property. If it gets completed, it will be a huge deal for us and I hope to write more about it at the conclusion of the process.

That's it for now, the weather's starting to turn nice, which will likely correlate with the number of posts I manage to get to, we'll see how things go.

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