Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Thoughts 5/27/2011

1. Well no rapture last Saturday, but wait, Harold Camping says he got it wrong (again) it's supposed to be October 21, 2011. Sometimes I just can't help but feel sorry for some people.

2. I've been debating all week whether to write a post about this or just include it in a Friday thought. I figured I've already droned on enough about my choices in clothes and current battle to get back in shape, so I decided on the Thoughts list. Anyway, I'm trying to decide whether I'm happy or sad, that I'm just a bit too large to fit into the suit I wanted to wear to my reunion. The suit is easily 10 yrs old and from a size standpoint, I'm just out of range on the pants, where the shirt fits fairly well and the jacket is just a bit tight. Considering that's 10+ years of maintaining, I'm thinking it's not bad. However, that may just be me rationalizing things. I don't think three weeks is going to be enough time to get into the shape I need to be in to fit in it, so it looks like I'm shopping this week.

3. More metrosexualish issues. In my new townhouse, I've found that the air conditioning and the heater are extremely dry, to the point, where I think my face maybe snakeskin. While I'm not quite at the point where I'm obsessing about it, it was starting to bother me. I have a rather high level of disdain for lotions, they always feel oily and seem to clog up my pores rather then moisturize them, even the branded Vasoline Mens lotion stinks, in my opinion. While stumbling over stuff for summer, I noticed a bottle of Aloe Vera. Voila, works perfect to moisturize, no clogging of pores causing me to relive my teenage pimple years, and it's not oily. I swear I look 5 years younger already a week after use. I swear it was about the dry skin, not the fact that I continue to age before my eyes.

4. The Indians lost a rough series vs the Red Sox this week and have another 9 tough games coming up. Sorry Dad, who has been chastising me for my posts on them, but this is going to be a rough stretch for them. The schedule has laid out perfectly for them so far this year. Although they are building a big enough lead to ride it to the end of the year, forcing other teams to play under a bit more pressure, I can't see this team making much noise if they make the playoffs.

5. My daughter started reading this week. I should say my daughter has been reading for my wife this week, every time I sit her down and see how she does, she pretends to not know what she's doing.

6. I still need to find a new hobby, I'm back playing poker once or twice a week and through 6 months, I have a very small negative amount invested. It's nice in that it takes my focus away completely from other things while I play, but I really only enjoy the tournaments for the way the area is made up and an early crash from a tourney means either play cash (which on some nights is nice, others not so much) or find something else to do.

7. I'm hoping June is a fantastic month for a lot of reasons.

8. I may have shared this before, but here's a nice sunny day cocktail. Cut and puree 4 mangoes (make sure they are soft and ripe). Add a bit of sugar to the puree. Freeze puree in ice cube tray. Take cubes and blend with vanilla ice cream and rum. Add ginger ale after initial mixture is blended.

9. I've found the choices in ice cream in Columbus to be woefully behind Cleveland's choices. This is very disheartening news for a hot summer.

10. This weekend marks the opening of our complexes pool, I intend to take advantage of it, if for no other reason then the fact, that I needed to do nothing in preparing it for use. (as opposed to the countless hours I spent prepping our pool for use in Cleveland.

Have a great holiday weekend!

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