Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Thoughts 5/20/2011 *Rapture edition*

It's been awhile, so here are my latest Friday thoughts.

1. The Indians continue to win games, but I'm starting to get real concerned that they have an issue beating good teams.

2. Spring is about 2 months old and for here in Ohio that's meant about 60 straight days of rain. 30 more days, and I'm heading to Home Depot in order to get supplies to build an ark.

3. I'm highly disappointed that Columbus seems to be surrounded by farm country, yet we seem to have no type of farmer's markets or stands that have quality produce. It's bizarre.

4. If you watch "Fringe" and haven't seen the season finale, you may want to skip this one, but I'll try and talk without providing any spoilers.

If you watched the finale, what are your thoughts on it? I will say this, if the character that appears to be gone from the show truly is, then I think the show loses it's essence.

5. So Rapture is tomorrow 5/21/2011. As a heathen I'll either be remaining behind or sent to some fiery domain. It's definitely something that I could get upset about but then I realized I'm likely to be with a fairly large amount of family and friends.

6. If you actually believed it was Rapture tomorrow, what would you do tonight? If it was me, I'd be worried that I'd oversleep and miss the 'event'. I'd also be a bit pissed in not knowing what time it was supposed to start tomorrow. It's no different then the guy who never sets the time for his party to start "Oh man, come over any time it's cool" you know it pisses you off for a simple party, think about what it means for end of times.

7. One tip to Kirk Cameron. If you are going to argue with one of the greatest minds of our century in the media, then it's probably a good idea to think about what you are going to say to the media prior to doing so. Your emotionally based incoherent response to Stephen Hawking's statement that included obscure references to John Lennon was magnificently idiotic in it's content.

8. If the Rapture actually happened and 200 million just up and disappeared tomorrow. I don't care what this articles says, the economy would benefit. Evangelists would be all over the place selling things. Also think of all the food and gun sales and all of the advertising dollars talk radio, CNN, and Fox News would get. If it does happen, I'm starting my new job as an Evangelist on Monday. I may be doomed to hell but if I am, I'm going out in style.

9. For the next cool world event, I'm hoping Velociraptors make a comeback.

10. Just in case my sarcasm hasn't come across in my writing, I don't actually believe tomorrow will be the end of the world or any Rapture event. And in closing, I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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