Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Thoughts 4/15/2011

A lot of thoughts running through my head over the last couple weeks. Nothing large enough for a full post, which means I'll cheat and fit them in on Friday Thoughts. Apologies in advance for being cryptic or not going into detail on a couple of the things, but I'm being cautious on a couple things that are happening right now, I'll share more as they resolve.

1. We have some movement on the home front in Cleveland. This is the issue I'm going to be cryptic on but we are in process on some things and I hope to share more as things resolve. I can say it's driving the anxiety level up quite nicely.

2. I seem to have developed an addiction to mangoes lately, they are quite awesome. A good reminder to try something new and to try something again after not liking it the first time as you might not have gotten the best product.

3. Workouts are going well. Once I go this afternoon, I'll be at 10 workouts over 2 weeks, and expect to go tomorrow too, so I'll be +3 two weeks into my schedule, I like having the buffer of a couple days ahead of schedule in case something happens. The sad news is I'm not seeing results as quickly as I was hoping for, realistically I know the reasons why, it's just that I was far worse off then I would admit for where I was physically.

4. I try to stay balanced on the blog in regards to political issues, and I'm not going to change now, but I would like to point out to all of those that go into an uproar as soon as they hear the word tax, that all taxes are not created equal. It would seem fair for a company to pay a fair share of tax on 5.2 billion in profits wouldn't it? G.E balanced tax article

5. My brother brought up a good point in discussions this week on income taxes and whether raising them is a good idea or not (particularly for the 250k+ earners). One thing to consider when those taxes are raised for that bracket, people tend to spend more then on things as they fund their write offs in order to bring the tax burden down. When they have that percentage they retain for doing nothing, that money does not in fact trickle down, they keep it in their pockets. Interesting theory and I can't say I disagree with it. As an added twist I'll point out my brother tends to lean Republican in his views and I Democratic. Our discussion was in amazement to people we know that aren't pulling in a lot of income that seem to have an opinion on whether a raise in taxes for 250k+ is a good idea or not. I can also confirm that my brother and I aren't in that level either or close to it, so it's easier to say it should be raised for someone else, but it's some food for thought.

6. Sticking to the tax issue, most I hear arguments from seem to believe that they essentially should pay nothing, I do wonder sometimes whether they realize what they are arguing and about the fact that there are services they benefit from for the taxes. A person making $25k a year would seem to be benefiting from services that exist today that I'm not sure there income equates too, so I do wonder whether they actually understand their position on whether some taxes should be increased.

7. Back to something dopey, we watched "Tangled" last weekend, daughter and wife had saw it already but it was my first time seeing it. I have to say it's probably my second favorite Disney movie of all time. The first would be Aladdin, maybe it's the fact that the story focused on male characters as much as female or the females in both movies were more real to me, but either way I enjoyed it.

8. I was rejected for another internal position this week. I've been going through numerous interviews and applications internally for some time now and haven't caught a break with it. The recession messed up the typical three year and move cycle, so I'm really hoping something breaks though here soon. In other news I celebrated my 12th year with my current company this week. I'm sort of amazed by this fact as it's a company I would have never imagined I would be employed by and as things go, I fully intend to retire with the company and likely have a good opportunity to do so. Not exactly something that exists a lot anymore. 13 more years until my gold watch.

9. I've written before that I'm a pizza snob and have been highly disappointed in the Columbus offerings so far. So much so that my default is Pizzeria Unos, and while it's a chain, at least I know what I'm getting and I enjoy it, they also offer a fantastic takeout deal down here. Two large deep dish with three toppings for $20, and while they aren't true deep dish it's a pretty awesome pizza.

10. I find it interesting to see who the opposing parties march out for elections against incumbents. Typically if you look at things, they aren't particularly fond of putting their strongest candidates forward. It appears that's going to be the case this time as well. I can tell you this there is no way Donald Trump or Newt Gingrich win the next presidential election and if they are the Republican candidate, then the Republican leadership knows they can't win it anyway. I'll also add God help us all if Donald Trump ever became president, although I'm guessing political cartoonists would be very happy and so would Saturday Night Live, can you imagine the skits??

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