Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Thoughts 4/1/2011

1. It's opening day in Cleveland, I'm taking a half day off work and heading up to Cleveland for the weekend, should be a fun time. We won't be going to the game, but we will be out in the city for the afternoon/night.

2. My baseball NL preview won't be up until next week. Too many work things got in the way. I'll tease my division winners though. East: Atlanta Central: Milwaukee West: Colorado

3. I have some more father dilemma stuff to right about. My daughter had her first run in with being laughed at for something. I have a ton of thoughts on this, just have to find some time to get them down.

4. I turned 38 this week, why am I still having such a hard time believing I'm that old. I have some thoughts on that too if I ever get around to it.

5. Senate Bill 5 was passed in Ohio by the legislature this week. Now it's up to the opponents to gather 240,000+ signatures from 40 different counties by July 1 in order to make it a referendum on the ballot for November. I don't think that's going to be a problem and there's still a lot to come in regards to this issue.

6. Things like Senate Bill 5 and the struggles of some of my friends right now, had me feeling like the Rebellion at the end of The Empire Strikes Back.

7. VCU and Temple being in the Final Four for college basketball is good for the sport in my opinion. If one of them wins the Championship, I think others may come around to that thinking as well.

8. Is ESPN relevant to sports discussions anymore?

9. My two favorite writers for baseball are Peter Gammons ( and John Heyman ( Gammons I consider to be one of the most knowledgeable baseball columnists around, you can learn a lot from reading his columns. For those in Cleveland your best bet for baseball knowledge is on the radio with Greg Brinda (ESPN-850 WKNR).

10. I had to remove a couple blog links to the right. I've had some confirmation of one writer, who's decided to take some time away from blogging and another friend who I believe is focusing on a book rather then the blog.

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