Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cue the music!

I've made references before to my 20 year reunion coming up and for those that have read my blog from the beginning, you maybe aware from my writing that in high school I wasn't exactly in shape. (I was a shape it was round)

As of today I have 73 days left to my reunion, a little longer then 10 weeks. This last week I finally signed up for a gym here in the area and I made my first visit yesterday. I've tasked myself with 44 trips to the gym in those 73 days. A trip would be classified as an hour at the gym. My routine is typically where I visit for about and hour and a half, a trip like that would count as one visit. The hour minimum is to allow me to take it a bit easier on some days where I just do 60 minutes of cardio vs any weight work.

I'm counting on the fact that since I left high school, I've probably spent 9 months out of every year since then in a regular workout routine on average. The nice thing about that is it makes it easier to get back on schedule and I have a fair amount of muscle memory from that time, that I'm counting on to get me into a good place after this 10 week run.

To make the training interesting and to try and inspire(punish) myself a bit, I've decided that I will allow my beard to grow in tribute to Rocky through the training. I'm adding the stipulation that I can shave it after 10 workouts throughout the 10 weeks. (and of course I'll have it shaved prior to the reunion.) I despise the unshaven look and can't stand the feeling of it, so I'm looking at this as some negative reinforcement. Of course I have not shared this with the wife yet, so it maybe more negative reinforcement then I expect.

I also will be shying away from weighing myself through this training period. In truth I don't care much about what I weigh anymore. After doing this for so long, I know that I'm only going to obsess over the weight and this really isn't about this. I know how hard I need to push to start losing the weight I want and I know what I need to do to start tightening up the other areas. It doesn't hurt that I know by feeling, what a 'good weight' for me is or how well the training is helping me re-develop.

I'll be updating the results in my Friday posts unless something more interesting comes up in the meantime. Maybe I'll even throw in a pic of the beard.

My brother told me years after I set out to lose my weight, that he couldn't believe how driven and focused I was on the task. I'm trying to recapture a bit of that for this, if I can't capture it for this, I'm not sure I'll ever capture it again for working out.

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