Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Thoughts 3/25/2011: (100 things 2 of 10) Oops and Fear

In looking over other blogs I've seen other blogs do posts with lists of 100 things about me. It loses my interest at 10 or 20. However, I like the idea of it, so I'm going to break it up and merge it with my typical Friday list. (side note, the 1st of the 100 can be found here)

1. As a child, I was hit by an icicle in the face, which required 6 stitches, it's actually made a nice scar as I've grown up, right above my lip on the right side of my face. I was collecting icicles and used a shovel to knock one down, which turned into a launch ramp for the icicle right into my face.

2. As a child, I bit a live electric cord, clamped down on it and once I hit the connection I couldn't let go. In retrospect it's sort of fascinating to be electrocuted, as you lose the ability to move muscles (unclench the jaw) and your eyes shut and you experience a rainbow of colors. Luckily the cord shorted out, and I just was pale white as I walked into the room to see my mom, and had a burn mark on my lip. I have a scar on the inside of my lip on the lower right side where I was burned the worst.

3. I have an unusual fear of getting my hands or fingers cut. The thought freaks me out. I attribute this to punching a glass window as a child when I was upset at something and completely cutting up my hand (none serious).

4. I wasn't the brightest child on the block (as evidenced by my first three reveals). I'm pretty sure I prematurely aged my mother as well.

5. I'm still experiencing a mid life crisis, or fear of getting older, I obsess over it at times.

6. I despise millipedes and centipedes, anything with that many legs is simply unnatural. (It should be noted, that using the term despise here is just my clever, masculine way of saying, I'm terrified of these things."

Look at this sick looking thing, blech.

Image taken from here: (Arizona Bug Company)

7. I fear that which I cannot control. One of the things I've found over the years is that part of my obsession of planning and research is due to the fact, that I have a fear of failing in things I cannot control. My planning and research are my counters against this and an attempt to control things.

8. I wonder sometimes whether I'm going down the correct path, whether the choices I'm making today are good or whether I'll pay for them in the long run. There are times I recognize that the hard choices I make today will result in consequences down the road, however I also realize that those consequences are inevitable or a better option then the alternative.

9. I'm often concerned that I don't do enough for the people I care most about. I do wish at times I was more open and engaging with people. I wish at times I could be 'happy go lucky' and let things in life bounce off of me, I'm constantly working on letting go of my inhibitions when it comes to things like this.

10. I still have a fear of being overweight again, while I'm not svelte by any measure, I'm in relatively good shape I suppose, and very good shape considering where at times in my life I've been. I am sort of amazed that at times I'm comfortable with the weight I'm at and at other times despise it, I suppose that is actually progress though. I'm in a period right now where I've not been in my regular workout schedule and I'm planning on starting up again next week (birthday gift of gym membership).

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