Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Thoughts 3/18/2011

1. Thoughts and (prayers) go out to Japan. Horrible situation across the board and I hope they are able to get things stable and take care of those affected quickly.

2. I did decide to drop out from the band I got together with last week. In the end their taste in music was just far too different from mine and the fact that they practice weekend afternoons, wasn't my idea of the best way to spend the weekends anyway. I'll probably be looking for more opportunities here over the next couple weeks.

3. I love the pass the buck mentality our Governor is doing with the budget over the next two years. (Read this with a sarcastic droll). He's essentially putting the burden on localities to raise their taxes and fund education as we continue to spend on other programs that should be cut during a budget crisis. And the newspapers wonder why Ohio's population still decreases. Here's a hint, property tax on $80,000 house last year was $2,700. We also have state income, sales taxes and all the other goodies. North Carolina property taxes for same price house, $700. They also spend less on gas and such during the winter. Not hard to understand why people who are able to be mobile continue the exile.

4. We are trying out the Melting Pot in Columbus tomorrow, I haven't told the wife where we are going yet. I'm excited to give it a try, I rarely get excited for restaurants anymore, and I think it's due to the fact that most dishes at restaurants don't excite me anymore and with a little work I feel like I could make a fair facsimile.

5. I posted this on my Twitter and Facebook accounts, so apologies if you are subjected to it again. My daughter was very excited to wear green for St. Patrick's day. She woke up Thursday and when she realized I wasn't wearing green, gave me a very sour face and told me that she was going to have to pinch me. I tried explaining to her, that she and I were of Scottish heritage and really should wear orange. She shrugged as she ignored me and pinched me. Upon dropping her off at school and waving to her at the window to her classroom, she made pinching motions in between waving goodbye, sigh.

6. I've booked the hotel for Disney our summer trip, we decided to stay at one of the Disney resorts for the trip, now I have to try and navigate the mounds of information on the internet about things to do at the park.

7. As much as I would miss NFL Football in the fall, there is a part of me that loves a good train wreck, and the current labor issues are definitely a train wreck at this point. There is something extremely satisfying in watching millionaires and billionaires argue about money, especially when their arguments are so public and potentially could cause them to lose revenue if fans get sick enough of it. This is like the appetizer for the NBA lockout, which promises to be much more entertaining, I'm hoping Latrell Sprewell is consulted by players for how to comment during the lockout, or perhaps Patrick Ewing.

8. Cleveland Indian's opening day (at home) is two weeks away, can't wait to be downtown for the day.

9. There isn't much I enjoy more at this time of year then opening up the windows at the house and getting some fresh air in during the work day.

10. For the first time ever I did a couple brackets for the NCAA tournament online, not sure why I've never done them before as I watch a fair number of games in the tournament. Not a bad start, 14 out of 19 on 2 of the 3 I did. I have UNC winning it all.

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