Friday, February 4, 2011

Life and Times in Columbus (post from after the move)

I can't believe I posted this to the wrong blog. Anyway, here were my thoughts right after the move to Columbus from Cleveland. We are at about the 5 month point, so I'll be following up with some thoughts here in the near future on the this.


Ok, so we are here. I'm currently sitting in a stuffed to the gills townhouse, with all of our worldly possessions, some of which are packed still, some aren't. I managed to clear some spots last night in the living room, so we could actually sit down.

The weekend didn't start out very well, as my wife's purse was stolen from her car on Thursday, which lead to a rather full day for her in cancelling all of her cards and the varying tasks that go along with it.

The move took two days with us loading the truck on Saturday and then driving down on Sunday and unloading it.

While the townhouse is smaller, there are some benefits to it over our house. The first noticeable thing is the rooms are laid out for more modern living. Meaning the sizes and dimensions are much more friendly for organizing furniture. My house built in the 20's has a horrible layout that ultimately leaves a lot of empty unusable space. Add in the fact that my 1920's house has one outlet per room on the second floor and you can only imagine the organizing nightmares. Every room here has 3-4 outlets.

We won't know whether or not this better layout equals out the space we give up from moving from the house until everything gets unpacked. I'm trying to stay positive though, and believe me at moments it's hard.

I would describe my mood as surreal right now, I have very little (if any) knowledge of the area and everything at the moment seems different, tv stations, radio stations, road layouts, living on top of others, light switches, etc. Add in I'm exhausted from the move and that I still have a laundry list of things to do (here and back in Cleveland) and I'm wondering how long my sanity is going to hold. I'm hoping as the chaos that currently sits in the townhouse becomes more managed that my mood will as well.

I'm sure this whole post jumps around (more then usual) and maybe a bit difficult to follow, as holding a complete thought right now is proving a bit difficult, my apologies if it's of poor quality.

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