Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Thoughts 2/18/11

Some topical and some personal notes this week, enjoy the ones your prefer.

1. It looks like my audition with the band from October has produced some results. I received an email this week that they want to get together, and just hadn't been doing much over the winter. I'll post more thoughts as I have a couple sit downs with them, but I'm a bit excited to see how things go.

2. My favorite part of this article is the quote from the General Motors worker. Especially considering that United Auto Workers has never negatively affected the Automobile companies. I'm embarrassed by the nature of society in relation to something like this, where individuals rallying against collective bargaining rights for public employees effectively forget the fact that they are talking about 'removing' individual rights, rather then an entity. Wisconsin and Ohio at Center of Collective Bargaining battle

3. Legislating 'solutions' such as the removal of rights of workers to collective bargain is not a libertarian philosophy. So any tea party members that like to consider themselves libertarian, please stop now, otherwise I'm likely to slap you if I hear you say something like this.

4. Detroit is getting a Robocop statue. Interesting, I think. Unfortunately for Detroit, it still won't be as cool as Philadelphia and Rocky. I do wonder what will happen around the statue in Detroit once it's erected. Rocky fans were able to run up the stairs to the statue, playing the theme song in their heads. What the hell are Robocop fans going to do? Take potshots at the statue, go on random crime sprees? Nevermind, I forgot it's Detroit, that stuff happens all the time anyway.

5. My daughter came down with Strep throat last week, which meant we had to skip a week of Roller skating class. Since it's only a four week class, that kind of sucks. She'll resume falling again tomorrow.

6. I can confirm through a friend that if you negatively post that the Cleveland Indians are mediocre at best, and at worst "nothing to get excited about" then they will in fact remove you from their Facebook fan group. I wish they worked this hard on drafting players.

7. February has always been a weird month, the fact that it's typically 28 days, Groundhog day, the fact that in states like Ohio, we ultimately view it as the finish line for spring. This February hasn't disappointed, what a weird friggin month. I can't tell if I'm on a roll with good things happening or in the dumps with bad things happening. It has to be the most uneven month I can remember in quite some time. Just bizarre, and most of the ups and downs are fairly inconsequential I suppose in the grand scheme of things. It's just that I'm used to seeing things either trending positive or negative rather then back and forth.

8. Chalk this up to February (see above), or social media, getting older, or any other reason, but the intelligence and thought process of many people has scared me to death this week.

9. For at least one week, spring seems to be here. Thanks for not seeing you're shadow you chunky, smelly, little furball.

10. I'm usually not one to react harshly to things, but two words come to mind, when I read this article (Baghdad wants U.S. to pay 1 billion.) they start with F and Y.

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