Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dear Governor Kasich;

I came across this article on about our new Governor's recent remarks about a police officer in the Columbus area. Governor calls officer "idiot" Here are some of my thoughts.

Dear Governor Kasich;

I admire what I think you were trying to say here. I think there can be more accountability from our public servants to the taxpayer. You've also intrigued me a bit as despite the backlash from this, you are attempting to continue to promote your message outside the sensationalism of the headlines. I like the fact that you aren't backing down in this case, and if you are sincere in what you are promoting, you are making me a fan.

However, I'd be negligent if I didn't point out some things I think you are doing wrong here. In your position you can't call a police officer an idiot. Even if he was, you can't use that type of term in referencing him, I'd suggest working on the language here a bit. I'm also a bit concerned that maybe you let your emotions get the better of you in this case due to how you referenced the officer and seem to eagerly repeat this reference. Tone it down a bit and focus on your message. You aren't doing police officers any favors and you really are just allowing the press to cover your opposing party opponents and turn them into a quote machine.

If you want to lead, do so. Elevate the discussion, and while I can understand why you used this experience as a reference, you have to know when to back down, rather then letting the conversation move to a point where your message is being missed. There is nothing wrong with saying things that people don't agree with, but make the discussions productive rather then these types of sideshow acts that seem so common in today's political world.

Please disregard this note if in fact you aren't committed to adhering to being more accountable to taxpayers.

Also please be aware, I haven't been much of a fan prior to this speech, as a matter of fact I don't know much about you at all prior to your run for Governor. My opinion, after watching your campaign and reading about you, is that I considered you just a mirror image of Governor Strickland, with a different political outlook. I hope I'm wrong in this opinion as Governor Strickland proved to be a legislator unable to lead. While I'm sure there are a number of policies of yours I will disagree with (your current desire to eliminate collective bargaining for public workers being one of them), I am hopeful that you are in fact a leader and can provide some direction for this state. Currently, there are too many serious issues facing the state of Ohio for us to worry about political ideologies, I'm hopeful that you'll come to see that in your time served as Governor. Good luck to you, as your success would greatly benefit the state.



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