Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Thoughts 1/14/2011

With the new year here, perhaps it's time to break out another Friday top 10, here's what's on my mind over the last couple weeks.

1. I've recently been playing poker in a local club here in Columbus about once a week, I've played poker casually before, but always been a bit hesitant to get used to a structured game. It's going well so far and giving me an opportunity to talk with adults outside of my wife on a weekly basis. The thing I like most though is that I'm getting comfortable in the structured game, as I'd like to have some experience prior to the casinos opening in Cleveland and Columbus in the next year or so. I can imagine the Columbus casino having some dead money on the table on weekends from some of the college crowd.

2. Terrible tragedy for Congresswoman Gifford, I hope she is able to make a full recovery. And to all of those that lost loved ones that day to the shooter, my heart goes out to them as well.

3. Sarah Palin is an idiot. I've met strippers that I'd consider geniuses compared to her. Please just go away Mrs. Palin.

4. Found out there is a possibility I'll be going to Madrid, Spain, this coming spring. Since it's a work conference, I'm so hoping it's not true, as my work tends to schedule 12 hour sessions and sequesters us in the hotel of their choosing, not exactly worth it for the long flight and no chance to see anything in the city.

5. For Cleveland Browns fans, it can't get much worse this week in the playoffs, three of the four AFC teams we despise for one reason or another, assuring us at least one makes it to the Championship game. Here's the reason we hate them: Pittsburgh: no single reason, it's just that their fans are idiots, their women are ugly, and their city is gross. Baltimore: Art Modell and moving Cleveland Browns, all that needs to be said. New England: Bill Belichick, I don't care what he's won, he's still an asshole and borderline sociopath.

6. There is a part of me that is fascinated of the middle name phenomenon for infamous assassins, attempted assassins, and accused assassins (Jared Lee Loughner) although the middle names don't always stick for reporting, more often then not they do. I remember reading when I first became aware of it, that one reason that the middle name was referenced was to try and avoid damaging other people's reputations. I do find it a bit unusual that in most cases it's only used for what we would consider assassinations or attempts After all someone like Timothy McVeigh was not typically referenced with a middle name. Perhaps for mass murders we have different rules.

7. Each year, my company makes us go through a process and review guidelines for handling business transactions, it's an ethical and legal review of best practices. I find it fascinating that each year, I see more and more circumstances where these things apply in every day life and wonder how far away I am from a situation where there is some scandal and how close it might actually be to me or people I work with because they don't follow the procedures. I guess what I'm saying is I continue to be fascinated with the fact that I just can't wrap my head around the fact that I'm a professional adult sometimes, that the article I'm reading on Mr. J.P. Smith from Podunk, Kansas that's involved with insider trading, illegal transactions, or a host of other things is me in just a different situation. I hope this makes sense, not saying that I do anything outside of the rules and procedures, just that I work in that space and I still have a hard time visualizing myself on the same level as someone like that.

8. My 20 year high school reunion has a date on the calendar for early summer. Thankfully I have plenty of time to drop the holiday pounds and over stress about what I'm going to wear to it. (it's my metrosexual side coming out, for those not familiar with me). After all, I didn't drop from 320 lbs in high school down to 200 only to get to the 20 year mark and come back in at 230 or so. 210's the goal and if I was betting I'd bet on me making my target weight by then.

9. I'm really starting to enjoy the fact, that we get about 1/4 the snow of Cleveland during the winter. The temperatures are the same, but I'll take a win where I can get it.

10. I'd like to take a second and send best wishes out to all of my friends that maybe struggling through things right now, as I mentioned in my previous post. I'm pulling for you and if there is anything I can do to help, please reach out to me. (Although I don't think you read the blog, at least I know you know you can reach out to me as I've told you personally).

Have a great weekend, and here's hoping January gets over with already, as we are only about 30 days until pitchers and catchers report, the true beginning of spring.


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