Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas dilemna

I took Bronwyn to see Santa Claus at the mall about three weeks before Christmas, she had already seen him once or twice before, but she was adamant that she wanted to see him again. I conceded, even though I knew it mean an hour long line on a Sunday. After holding her as she napped on my shoulder for a good part of the hour, we finally made it up to the big man. Where she asked for what she wanted for Christmas. (I should note, we already had a fairly lengthy list of things wanted, and thought we were quite familiar with the Santa Claus requests).

It's at this point, that I hear her mention Pixos for the first time, which are another one of the many crafts out today with billions of small pieces and requires regular refills, in some senses the perfect toy for today's capitalistic world. She didn't know I overheard her conversation with Santa, and she was fairly nonchalant in her conversation with me after her meeting with Santa, to the point, where she essentially avoided my questions on the subject.

We made our way to the food court for a quick snack before setting home and came across a fountain. Bronwyn asked for some change to throw in the fountain to make a wish. Of course in today's day and age, it's rare that I have any money on me, much less change. Luckily for her (and me), I picked up our snack with cash and wound up with some change, so I gave her a quarter for her wish.

She took a moment or two, close her eyes, and launched the quarter, it plunked it's way into the fountain. Immediately she asked me whether I wanted to know what her wish was, but that I couldn't tell her mom. She then went on to tell me that she really wanted Pixos for Christmas, but that mom said she couldn't have them as they were too messy and since we had less room in the new place, there were too many chances our dog could get them if they dropped. She also advised me that she was just pleading her case to Santa on the matter.

This means I had a dilemma, I was very familiar with my wife's argument, but at the same time my personal belief that requests within reason at Christmas are essential for providing a bit of magic during childhood. I talked with the wife about my concerns, and she stuck to her position, that it would be better as a gift for next year, since we'd likely be in a bigger place (hopefully). I told her I understood, but that I'd still have to think about it. (Notice I made no such promise to go along with the her line of thinking).

After some contemplation, I decided to get the Pixos, at worst it's a $20 loss and I figured it was worth it for some wish fulfillment regardless of the outcome with my wife. I wrapped it up and in the spirit of "A Christmas Story" strategically placed it partially under the tree skirt and delivered it as a last gift.

A bit to my surprise, the wife caught up in the moment of Christmas morning, shrugged it off and my daughter was bit less enthused then I expected (I blame it on gift overload). This just proves that working yourself up with anxiety over a dilemma such as this is really not worth it.

I'm hopeful that someday the little one will remember that Santa did come through with Pixos though when she really wanted them.

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