Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Weekend recap!

I so wanted to come up with something clever for the title of this post, but alas I have nothing. Besides since it's so difficult to sit down and knock out posts lately, I didn't want to break my mojo spending time thinking about it anyway.

This whole post is just a random collection of thoughts on the weekend and what's going on in life right now, it's probably going to be a disjointed, but regular readers will be used to that.

Anyway, I packed up the car on Friday afternoon, grabbed the kid from day care and headed up to Cleveland. I was feeling great, thinking I beat the Columbus rush hour (which at times makes Cleveland's seem tame). That is until I hit the outskirts of Columbus near Polaris, where there was a massive 5-6 car wreck, that put traffic at a stand still for an hour and a half. This is the third time in the past two months, that an accident has blocked up a three lane highway, that I've been on for an hour or more. It's insane, especially if you consider most of my drives consist of the 1/2 mile or so it takes to get to the store or my daughter's day care. I'm not impressed with Columbus drivers to this point. Blah.

The traffic jam meant my 2.5 hour trip turned into a 4 hour trip and I was pretty tired at that point, but being in town and on the same day that my former band was playing I decided to tough it out and head over for the show. They were doing a Friday Halloween show at Slam Jams in North Olmstead. I've been meaning to get out and see them for a while, trying to put the whole 'kicked out' thing behind me. I'm glad I did get to go, they sounded great, and I got a chance to say hi to everyone and talk during their break in sets. As disappointing as the change was, I still had a great time practicing and playing over the 4-6 months we played together, and I'm very thankful for that opportunity and the friendships I made. Plus I learned a ton of 'band' social norms, which is helping immensely as I'm looking right now for a new gig. (more on that later). So if you are in the Cleveland area and are looking for a great night out, check their schedule out at the website.

Saturday, meant finishing up the laundry list at the house, and it went much quicker then expected, cleaning garage, appliances, yard work, and another stab at the garage door (getting it primed for painting). All of that went well and I'm happy to report that the house passed with no further issues on the inspection on Monday. There's still one small thing left to do, but they passed me anyway, so that load of anxiety is off my back. We also dropped the price again in talking to the Realtor. Considering we haven't had one call or look, it's justifiable to the bank from what I'm told and considering the difference it probably doesn't matter much at this point anyway. I do wish I had some pictures from when we bought it 7 years ago to see the differences in it now, considering I'm not the handiest person around, every time I was finishing a project, I'd think of all the things that were done to the house while we lived there, a pretty significant list.

Saturday night was my brother's Halloween party and I convinced my friend Will to come out from Niles for the night, as we decided to hit the party and then go to The Boneyard in Mayfield for their Halloween party. It was a lot of fun seeing my brother and sister in law and my friends before we headed over to the Boneyard. I'm hoping to post a couple pics of my costume and maybe some of the others, but we'll have to see if I can get things ever connected to the laptop to do it. The Boneyard was packed and it was a trip seeing all the costumes and hanging out with Will, my other good friend Aaron showed up after work as well and we finished out the night.

Sunday was spent sanding down the garage door and repainting it (for about the 5th time in the past two months) and then over to my parents to take my daughter out for her third trick or treating night of the week. I spent a couple hours over there visiting and I was so thankful to have some home cooked food at that point. One of the problems of spending time in an abandoned house means there's no pans, plates, or microwave, so you wind up cooking nothing and reheating nothing, which means a lot of restaurant style food or you just skip it. Boof had a great time trick or treating with her cousin Erica, although the week seemed to finally catch up to Bronwyn, as she was definitely showing signs of fatigue. Considering she had three trick or treats, a school costume party, two drives up to Cleveland in two weeks, Erica's birthday party, and a visit to the Columbus zoo over the last week, I can't say I was surprised, but I will say I'm impressed, she definitely has my motor. Of course after a good night's rest Sunday, she was raring to go on Monday, right about the time I was exhausted.

Sunday night, my friend Aaron came out to Cleveland and we went and watched the football game and bs'd for the night. We called it an early night at about midnight, but it was a lot of fun. One of the other negatives about staying at the old house, being there makes me want to be out of it when I'm not working on it, so nights are usually spent going out for drinks or hanging out (inevitably drinking). Which I don't mind, but along with sleeping on an air mattress at the house, it wears me down after a bit.

Then Monday was a quick run to the dealer for the car checkup, the house inspection, and then the drive back to Columbus.

It's weird to think it might be Christmas time until I'm back in the area and that it's likely I won't see a number of people until my brother's birthday weekend in January. I guess that's pretty standard for this time of year anyway, just seems weird when thinking about it. It was a lot of fun seeing everyone over the course of the weekend, and I still miss Cleveland dearly, although I find myself thinking of Columbus as home, more and more in reference.

I mentioned earlier that it looks like I have an audition coming up if the band and I can find a good day for it. They appear to be a bit lighter on material then Torrn, meaning a bit more pop, but it looks like they are fairly established and have liked the demos I sent them, so we'll see how it goes. It looks like they are typically a 5 piece group, keyboards, drums, lead guitar, bass, and singer. I'm sure I'll have a variety of thoughts on this as things progress. I'm going to miss some of the rock if I do get the gig, but it will be interesting to try some of the more poppy stuff, if that's truly the case.

That's enough for now, a full weekend of rest coming up which seems like the first one in months, and then a work trip scheduled for late next week, which will give me another break from Columbus for awhile. There probably won't be a lot of interesting stuff coming up for posts, so perhaps I'll get back to some 'thought' style write ups. Until then, take care.

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