Monday, November 29, 2010

The rest of Thanksgiving weekend and a singing update

The other highlight of the weekend is that we took Bronwyn to the youth ballet performance of the Nutcracker at the Midland Theater. ( in Newark, Oh. It was about 45 minutes away and is a very nice theater. Being a youth performance the price was right as well for a 4 year old that is challenged by sitting too long (aren't they all?).

The performance was nice, the stage backgrounds were fairly elaborate for a youth production and the performance itself while not professional quality was worth an afternoon. There were definitely points when you felt like you were watching a school production and for the price it wasn't worth it, but there were occasional scenes that were very good that made the whole experience worth it. Based on all of that, I'd highly recommend it to take a child too, a professional production is probably not something a 4 year old could appreciate yet, so I viewed it as a nice introduction at a good price and it kicked off the Christmas season nicely.

The other highlight of the weekend was a singing audition I had Sunday, I came across a band ad, that I responded to and they got back to me on Wednesday. I was a bit excited as I had seen this band advertising for a singer when I first moved down but at the time I didn't have time to try and do anything and by the time I was ready, their ads had been pulled, but I came across a new one last week and got in touch with them.

Their set list and my previous experience matched up nicely and by the time we were setting things up we had about 25 songs we could run through if time permitted. As it happened their other auditions pulled out, so we just jammed for the afternoon. They had a great setup at the bassist's house, full basement with a stage area and a lot of equipment, a great amount of space and area for it. They are a 5 piece group (2 guitars, drums, bass, and singer). We went through about 20-25 songs, a couple that were really rough first attempts for me, that I thought I'd have a chance to review over the weekend, but barely was able to find time to get the lyrics out on them, but they didn't go bad. All in all it was a good afternoon, but the guys weren't very talkative, so I have little idea on their thoughts at the moment, so we'll wait and see what they want to do. It was nice at least to get out and sing for a couple hours, and I'm pretty happy with how well I sang and how I felt the day after, especially considering I hadn't gone through a set like that in a long time. I'll have some more thoughts if we move forward on it, but I'm cautiously optimistic.

That's it for now, hopefully with these updates I can keep the blog active and find enough interesting things to write about.

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