Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Update on latest audition

I got an update from the band yesterday about the audition on Sunday. Drumroll please............

They rejected me.

Yes, it kind of sucks, and I have to admit yesterday when I heard it, I was sort of bummed, but that feeling was gone within a couple hours. I've never been good with rejection and was thinking yesterday how I was going to write up a whole piece on it, but then the feeling subsided and I was sort of in a good mood, especially once I realized I seemed to have learned to deal with rejection in cases like this relatively easily.

Let me explain, I don't mind rejection when it comes to things I can logically rationalize, applying for jobs and things like that, I understand it. Having said that, I have always had an issue with rejection when it comes to things where I put a part of myself out there, to this point that's meant friendships, relationships, and in this case my fledgling music career. I hated the possibility of being rejected based on me being me, it's hung over me for a long time, even as I built up my personality and developed into I am, I've carried that irrational fear. I really became aware of this again after getting the boot from the first band and it took a bit to climb back out from that one, in a lot of ways it felt like recovering from being dumped.

A good portion of my life has been spent avoiding situations where rejection is a possibility, I'd either avoid the situations or so work to control the outcome in my favor, that I'd only put myself in positive situations. So after the first dump by the band it took a while to get back out there, I've had two auditions now, the first one I wrote about but haven't heard anything back and assume it's a rejection, the second one came quick and as I said earlier I was a bit upset. After all I put it all out there and gave it my best shot and for what they said they were looking for I'm pretty sure I was a good fit. When I found out they were going in a different direction, the doubt and self loathing started to seep in. Am I good enough? did I f*ck something up? Say something stupid? all sorts of questions plagued through my mind, with negative answers to those questions bombarding my internal discussion.

Then I thought about it, who gives a f*ck, so they didn't like it. I know I can sing a little bit, it may not be perfect, but I'm as good as some singers in cover bands I've seen out there. If it doesn't work out this time, maybe it will next time or I'll try something else.

I can't tell you how refreshing a feeling this was. The only hangup at the moment is that I'm a bit sad that it's taken so long to overcome this irrational fear, life would have been very different if this was resolved about 20 years ago. Even though it's late, I'm still happy with the accomplishment, I'd rather have it now then never.

Monday, November 29, 2010

The rest of Thanksgiving weekend and a singing update

The other highlight of the weekend is that we took Bronwyn to the youth ballet performance of the Nutcracker at the Midland Theater. (www.midlandtheatre.org) in Newark, Oh. It was about 45 minutes away and is a very nice theater. Being a youth performance the price was right as well for a 4 year old that is challenged by sitting too long (aren't they all?).

The performance was nice, the stage backgrounds were fairly elaborate for a youth production and the performance itself while not professional quality was worth an afternoon. There were definitely points when you felt like you were watching a school production and for the price it wasn't worth it, but there were occasional scenes that were very good that made the whole experience worth it. Based on all of that, I'd highly recommend it to take a child too, a professional production is probably not something a 4 year old could appreciate yet, so I viewed it as a nice introduction at a good price and it kicked off the Christmas season nicely.

The other highlight of the weekend was a singing audition I had Sunday, I came across a band ad, that I responded to and they got back to me on Wednesday. I was a bit excited as I had seen this band advertising for a singer when I first moved down but at the time I didn't have time to try and do anything and by the time I was ready, their ads had been pulled, but I came across a new one last week and got in touch with them.

Their set list and my previous experience matched up nicely and by the time we were setting things up we had about 25 songs we could run through if time permitted. As it happened their other auditions pulled out, so we just jammed for the afternoon. They had a great setup at the bassist's house, full basement with a stage area and a lot of equipment, a great amount of space and area for it. They are a 5 piece group (2 guitars, drums, bass, and singer). We went through about 20-25 songs, a couple that were really rough first attempts for me, that I thought I'd have a chance to review over the weekend, but barely was able to find time to get the lyrics out on them, but they didn't go bad. All in all it was a good afternoon, but the guys weren't very talkative, so I have little idea on their thoughts at the moment, so we'll wait and see what they want to do. It was nice at least to get out and sing for a couple hours, and I'm pretty happy with how well I sang and how I felt the day after, especially considering I hadn't gone through a set like that in a long time. I'll have some more thoughts if we move forward on it, but I'm cautiously optimistic.

That's it for now, hopefully with these updates I can keep the blog active and find enough interesting things to write about.

Black Friday 2011

The next big part of Thankgiving break is my obsession with Black Friday. If you aren't familiar with my exploits, I did some live blogging last year, you can find the first post here http://lifeandtimesincleveland.blogspot.com/2009/11/i-ready.html and then go forward from there.(Friday morning's line at Walmart checkout, the positive they were passing out bottles of 5 hour energy as samples)

This year I decided against live blogging as I hadn't updated in so long, but for those that follow twitter there were a number of tweets I had on the night.

The sales this year were very good, better then last year in my opinion. On top of it, companies seem to be doing a better job of stocking inventory. I still think it's best to stay away from most high end 'doorbusters' as the number of units per store is usually very small, but stores are getting better at at least having a fair amount of product on hand and a number of deals available where you don't have to completely get shut out at a store.

My plan was to get a couple hours of rest Thursday night, get up around 2 or 3 and then head out. I changed my mind about 10pm, as I realized Walmart was starting at midnight, anticipating about 2 hours there, I knew I could then hit Kohls at 3, Target at 4, and then a couple other stores at their 5am openings, depending on the haul from the first three. I had a fairly large list, but there was nothing on my list I 'had to have'. I believe this is a great way to approach Black Friday, if you go out having to have something, it's so easy to get disappointed if you miss it. Most of the things on my list were probably genuinely 30-50% off at least with a couple things that were much better deals as well.

I had done a large amount of shopping in the week leading up to Black Friday, Target had some outstanding deals during the week and I had also been able to pick up two large gifts at Best Buy that were at Black Friday prices earlier in the week. Price wise these were big items that in my opinion would have been difficult to get on Friday without waiting in line at a store hours before it opened, which just doesn't interest me. I also hit two stores on Thursday morning that had Thanksgiving deals. I was at the stores by 6am and home by 8am, typically hours that I would just be relaxing anyway, so it wasn't a big deal to hit them quickly. I do have a bit of a problem with these stores being open so early on Thanksgiving and what it means for the employees and I debated on whether to shop there or not. In the end I did decide to go, as the items I picked up were essentially loss leaders and did no good to the store in the long run, so I viewed it as my way of protesting the stores working their employees on that day. Take it for what it's worth though.

With all of the shopping during the week, it definitely meant I didn't have a ton of wants or needs for Friday, but I had a couple of nice items I was targeting. My planned worked out nicely, I did wind up spending about 2 hours in Walmart (with about 80 minutes spent in line), and then I hit Kohls, Target, Big Lots, Staples, and Home Depot before heading home. I wound up with a trunk load full of stuff for about $200 and probably averaged $30-$40 profit per hour for the effort. I missed a couple things that sold out, but for the most part did get most of what I wanted.

I tend to find that many of the things I wind up buying on Black Friday are things we use around the house, so while technically I am shopping for Christmas, I'm guessing 50% of my spend is for things like towels, throws for the living room, network components, and other things, it's a nice refresh once a year for things that typically aren't discounted to that level during the year, and they tend to not sell out so for a little effort it's worth it in my opinion.

The last point I want to make on Black Friday is my personal opinion of who does the best job as a company in handling it.

1. Target: Far and away the leader in how to do things. Here are the high points in what they do right.

  • Great sale week prior to Black Friday with many prices that beat Black Friday prices and for many items that no one had available on BF.
  • A fantastic job on laying out the store, they place their sales items in well traveled spots without creating a lot of traffic jams. They also do a very good job of displaying items with the proper price and visibility.
  • The sheer number of items available is the typically the best of any store. Many stores have 'lots' of things on sale, in my opinion though Target has lots of 'things' you want or can use. What this means is even if you are shut out on a deal, you probably will wind up going home with a couple things that you had on your list.
  • Line management and employees. Target has things organized and down to a science with this, I've never left their store feeling like they were overwhelmed. It's easy to feel that way at other stores.
2. Big Lots: I'm not a huge fan of Big Lots, but there are times when they have items that are quality and on sale, and since they aren't a big retailer, crowds aren't usually bad for this store. This year, I had some toys to pick up for the daughter that they had at very good prices. Management at the store was outside 30 minutes prior to opening, passing out tickets for some of their high end items, they were also very helpful in advising where other items were on the floor and were asking people to refrain from rushing the store as it opened. ( I don't think the crowd was ready too, but the manager handled a potential situation early and did a nice job in doing so). They also opened the doors 5 minutes early and considering it was 6 am and many had been out for a while and it was friggin' cold it was a nice gesture. There were only about 20 people in line, so it wasn't like they were about to get swamped in the store. The only negative I have is noticing some cashiers were allowing people to 'gorge' on items that had limits listed in the ad. I would have no problem with someone buying, leaving and coming back or splitting them up with someone else, but if the ad says limit 4 it should be held too. Now they didn't have a big enough crowd to sell out in the first hour, but it's the principle of it. With stores doing a better job of getting stock in for the sales, I believe there is a consumer responsibility to allow others to have the opportunity at those deals too.

3. Staples: They only had a few things I wanted and I was luckily enough to get here about 10 minutes after they opened (thanks to Big Lots for letting us in 5 minutes early, this is the type of thing that matters on BF), which meant no standing in line outside, but early enough to not miss anything. They were passing out tickets to all items on Page 1 and then you took the ticket to the back of the store where they gave you the merchandise, this was a great system as it kept the front of the store open and was very organized. They also had a community line they were directing people from to the registers, so there was no chance of getting in the 'bad' line or trying to queue up in a mess. Both of these actions were greatly appreciated. Staples also seemed to have a very solid supply of their advertised items, after seeing some stores that have 1 or 2 of something in an ad, this is a huge positive. The one issue I had with Staples was that they were passing out tickets at the front door, which meant it appeared to be a line to go in and you couldn't tell what they were doing until you got to the desk. I'm guessing they announced this prior to opening, but a free standing sign or something along those lines would have done wonders for this. It wasn't a big irritant as this location wasn't as busy as others I had heard about, but it is a small thing they could have improved upon.

4. Walmart: Ahh Walmart, the big dog on the block. As usual they have very solid deals and a large selection of inventory. No issues there. This year they opened at 10pm with deals starting at midnight and then another set of deals starting at 5am. This I presume is to try and eliminate the stampede issues they've had before. This did make for a huge cluster though in the store. People arriving at 10pm attacked pallets of product that weren't supposed to be opened (per store staff) until 12pm, which meant there was a ton of boxes, shrink wrap, and pallets that were not cleaned up by staff and added to the mess that the store appeared to be in. Considering Walmart had employees down almost every aisle to direct traffic and ensure no rowdy customers, I definitely think it wouldn't have hurt to put some on cleanup duty, as the clutter made a crowded store even worse. Add in the fact that there was a fair contingent that camped out in electronics and through the store, having grabbed the 5am items at 10pm and just camping for the 7 hours and it had the feeling of a homeless shelter at times. I did like that Walmart seemed to have a large amount of product and I liked that they had it out on the pallets, their signing on most of it was pretty bad though and there were a number of things that made no sense in where they were placed. Plus the pallet layout meant a mess if people were looking for a certain type. (Children's PJs come to mind). Their line management was atrocious as well, I referenced earlier that I spent about 80 minutes in line and was only able to get out as I moved lines finally as the line I was in leading up to 4 self checkouts, was the cause of the issue, as it appears that people are unable to use the self checkouts correctly. I will give Walmart props for passing out free bottles of 5 hour energy as a sample, it's the type of Black Friday weird thing that makes the day kind of fun. (Photo: Walmart electronics section at midnight)

5. Kohls: I like Kohls as a store, they tend to have some interesting things and their ads are always jam packed(although most of their 'bargains' aren't really as their original price is high). They tend to have some unique things at times and they also can get some standard items in especially at Christmas. I was able to get the three things I wanted at Kohls with no issue, and they had sent me a 15% email coupon prior to the sale, which I was able to use with no Kohl's card or any other provision which was nice as well. The issues I have with Kohls though, really make me think about whether I want to go back next year on Black Friday.
  • They have way too much merchandise on the floor. It's ridiculous the tiny amount of space that is available in aisles, in the rack section or anywhere else. Way too much stuff for the size of their floor. This is fine for non-BF days, but add in a large crowd and it's absurd. The sad part is I'm not even talking about the displays of Ad merchandise, this is just typical stock merchandise that is the problem
  • I was asked no less then 6 times while standing in line outside in the cold on whether I wanted to sign up for their Kohl's charge card. No means no!
  • One of the perks for applying for the card was jumping ahead in line, at first they advised these people would be going to a customer service desk for checkout, turns out that wasn't the case, they had a specific line for credit card applicants, although if you were in the back of the store, it appeared they were inserting them in front of the main line people as well. I can understand making a perk for applicants, but you need to do it somewhat fairly in this case, if the applicants were jumping the whole line, it's unacceptable in my opinion. It didn't help that I was asked another 10 times in the checkout line to apply for their card and asked again as I got to checkout. While I know the checkout clerk 'has to' I sort of rolled my eyes at this, as if I was going to apply, I probably would have done so when I could have skipped the line.
  • No carts at Kohls (well at least not many) if you are going to buy more then 2-3 things, forget it, combined with no room to move (because of the aisles). Navigating around Kohls as a solo shopper during BF is a major headache.
  • Kohl's had a bagger and a cashier at each spot (a very good thing). However the person in front of me had their bag go off at the security settings (tag on jeans) and my bag did as well, tag on dress for the wife. This is unacceptable, since the baggers only job is to bag and remove security tags. If it was just one I could understand, back to back is a problem.
6. Home Depot: Not much to write on Home Depot, the employees were helpful and I know Home Depot wishes they can drive some BF traffic, but it's just not going to happen. The good news is I got a great flashlight set for around the house and a Poinsettia for a dollar. It was also the only store where the clerk said "Merry Christmas" which while I know is a bit against political correctness, sort of made sense for Black Friday shopping and it was a nice touch at the last stop of the morning.

I wanted to hit Macys and Gap (Gap was offering 50% off all merchandise in store on BF). However by the time I finished at Staples and had basically spent the amount I budgeted for the day, I didn't have the energy to continue (especially considering the 10pm start with no sleep). Macy's sale was a bit lackluster although there was a pretty nice watch at a discount that I thought about buying for myself, but I decided to wait on that.

My final thoughts on BF.

  1. Stay away from Best Buy, unless there is something you have to have, you are going to spend the bulk of your morning there and considering their doorbusters have a limited amount you are likely to get shut out anyway. Bite the bullet and find a deal there on another day or somewhere else.
  2. To all the people with 2-3 carts and literally grabbing stacks off the shelves in order to just reduce at the register. I understand the importance of a 'good' deal, but there is such a thing as gluttony, really did you need that 4th shop vac. or are you just buying it because it's a 'good' deal.
  3. Is it really necessary to bring children/infants and the whole family out especially at midnight. While I understand that it might be beneficial to shop with someone or a couple people, its not the type of day to just 'hang' out for shopping especially for kids, find a baby sitter, or send one spouse out.
  4. Since the stores have gotten better with inventory, I think the onus is on the shoppers now. Do you really need those 25 blankets at 1.99 (I'm talking to the hillbilly and another woman at Kmart Thursday morning who almost came to blows as one looked in the other's cart thinking it was a store display). If there are limits on the item, pay attention to them, and remember if you leave them for someone else to get, you probably benefit if they do the same for another item. I don't mind if you buy the 4 you are limited to, take them out to the car and come back in for another 4 if you choose to do so, at least it gives someone else a chance to purchase them in the meantime.
  5. Stores, you have to do a better job at managing the crush of people, registers should be open with baggers at them for the big stores and you have to think about dynamics of lines and aisle space for shoppers. It wouldn't hurt to put people on cleanup duty too so your store doesn't look like a war zone.
  6. The last point is to remember it's not the end of the world if you don't get something, have fun with it, try and save some money and remember it's just stuff, if you don't get something you'll live and at worst if you really need it someone else probably has it on sale for a couple bucks more.

Thanksgiving Break updates and some food porn

Well if you took a look at the blog, it would be safe to assume I've been rather busy. Or at least busy enough to neglect the blog for a while. It's a typical situation for me, go out of town for a couple days and the whole 'routine' of life takes about 2 weeks to get back on track. Add in Thanksgiving and Black Friday and you have a real mess.

Anyway, I'm taking this opportunity to try and get back on track to some regular posts. While they may not be interesting, I'm hoping they spur some interesting posts down the line. There's no better way to inspire oneself then to write something, so apologies if this is a bit bland for the near future.

A quick recap of interesting life things over the past week or so, Thanksgiving was very nice, we decided to stay down here in Columbus this year rather then make the drive back and forth up to Cleveland and only get to spend a couple hours with family. While I missed being around family, I think it was a good choice as it let us enjoy the long weekend, and since the move, it's been awhile since we had a number of consecutive days together. I made most of the dinner and it turned out pretty well, although I did make a mistake in purchasing oven bags that were too small for the turkey. Of course it didn't help that I didn't realize the oven bags take off 2-3 hours of cooking time easily with my roaster, which meant that the Turkey was done a bit later then I had anticipated. Thankfully I did brine the turkey the day before, which saved some of the moisture, otherwise it would have tasted like sawdust with such a long cooking time. Even with the brine, I was a bit disappointed in how it turned out from other years, I'd call it average at best, where in years past it's been close to my view of perfect.

I also did my normal assortment of baking, pecan pies and pumpkin cheesecake. The pecan pies were average, but the pumpkin cheesecake was easily the best rendition of it I've ever made. Perfect consistency, right amount of crust and perfect cooking time, I was extremely happy with how it turned out.
Needless to say, I'll need some time on the treadmill over the next couple weeks. I'm going to break up this post to a couple others, so this is where I'm going to finish up for now. Next up is Black Friday.

Monday, November 8, 2010

That perfect feeling

I'm a big believer that the enjoyment of life is made up collectively from experiences. Both the ones given and experienced by a person. I'm highly sensitive of this when it comes to my daughter, I think that comes from the excellent job my parent's did in guiding me through a safe, fun, exciting childhood.

The weekend before I leave for a couple days, always makes me a bit sad and that's where I was at heading into Friday evening. I knew the wife had some things to do at home on Sunday, so I thought it would be a good day to take Bronwyn out and spend some time with her before my trip. I decided to take her to Dave and Busters, as I had some credits in my card. She had never been to one and was excited when she saw all the games. We had a great time, regardless of how she remembers it, I'll always have this in my memory.

The spoils of the day, sometimes it's good to be the Dad.

Update from Friday audition

Not a lot of time today, but I thought I'd check in and write an update from Friday's audition. After driving out to the middle of nowhere, about a 1/2 south of Columbus with nothing but farm land around, I finally found the 'city' and then the house for the practice.

I met the guys and we headed to the basement to give it a shot. They had a nice setup, pro equipment and a nice layout. Unfortunately their drummer wasn't able to make it out, but we managed without him, although that's not really an easy task. We played for about an hour, the first three that we set up the audition with went really well. After that it was a bit of a struggle as I had put together a couple sheets of lyrics based on stuff they advised they could play. Not knowing their arrangements, along with no drummer, and some unfamiliarity with certain parts of the songs made it a bit of a challenge, but I thought it went pretty well.

Overall, it was a lot of fun getting back behind the microphone. If nothing else it was well worth it just to shake off some of the cobwebs.

Now, let's talk about my thoughts, the guys are nice, and talented, but I think even if they call back and want me to come back out for another audition or with the offer of the spot, I think I'm going to turn it down. It's hard to put my finger on why, but I think it breaks down to the stuff they play, it's just not heavy enough for me, plus it tends to skew more towards 60's and 70's music, which I don't mind mixing in, but I don't really want as the majority of the set. I'm sure it's a bit premature as I haven't been offered anything yet, but those are my thoughts after a weekend of thinking about it. So I'll be back to looking for a new group, the good news though is the confidence continues to develop for it. I feel like a singer as I get ready for the audition and I know it's coming across in presence too, which is pretty good considering where I started out at.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Friday audition

Well, it's confirmed I have an audition on Friday, with Rewind. There are 3 tunes we'll be doing and then taking a look to see if there are any more that we know.

3 tunes currently on tap:

1. Smooth (Santana/Rob Thomas)
2. Summer of 69 (Bryan Adams)
3. Twist and Shout (Beatles)

The nice thing is I can do those three in my sleep. I'll be spending the evening listening to some of the other songs they sent over and printing up some lyrics.

If nothing else it should make for some interesting writing.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Weekend recap!

I so wanted to come up with something clever for the title of this post, but alas I have nothing. Besides since it's so difficult to sit down and knock out posts lately, I didn't want to break my mojo spending time thinking about it anyway.

This whole post is just a random collection of thoughts on the weekend and what's going on in life right now, it's probably going to be a disjointed, but regular readers will be used to that.

Anyway, I packed up the car on Friday afternoon, grabbed the kid from day care and headed up to Cleveland. I was feeling great, thinking I beat the Columbus rush hour (which at times makes Cleveland's seem tame). That is until I hit the outskirts of Columbus near Polaris, where there was a massive 5-6 car wreck, that put traffic at a stand still for an hour and a half. This is the third time in the past two months, that an accident has blocked up a three lane highway, that I've been on for an hour or more. It's insane, especially if you consider most of my drives consist of the 1/2 mile or so it takes to get to the store or my daughter's day care. I'm not impressed with Columbus drivers to this point. Blah.

The traffic jam meant my 2.5 hour trip turned into a 4 hour trip and I was pretty tired at that point, but being in town and on the same day that my former band was playing www.torrn.net I decided to tough it out and head over for the show. They were doing a Friday Halloween show at Slam Jams in North Olmstead. I've been meaning to get out and see them for a while, trying to put the whole 'kicked out' thing behind me. I'm glad I did get to go, they sounded great, and I got a chance to say hi to everyone and talk during their break in sets. As disappointing as the change was, I still had a great time practicing and playing over the 4-6 months we played together, and I'm very thankful for that opportunity and the friendships I made. Plus I learned a ton of 'band' social norms, which is helping immensely as I'm looking right now for a new gig. (more on that later). So if you are in the Cleveland area and are looking for a great night out, check their schedule out at the website.

Saturday, meant finishing up the laundry list at the house, and it went much quicker then expected, cleaning garage, appliances, yard work, and another stab at the garage door (getting it primed for painting). All of that went well and I'm happy to report that the house passed with no further issues on the inspection on Monday. There's still one small thing left to do, but they passed me anyway, so that load of anxiety is off my back. We also dropped the price again in talking to the Realtor. Considering we haven't had one call or look, it's justifiable to the bank from what I'm told and considering the difference it probably doesn't matter much at this point anyway. I do wish I had some pictures from when we bought it 7 years ago to see the differences in it now, considering I'm not the handiest person around, every time I was finishing a project, I'd think of all the things that were done to the house while we lived there, a pretty significant list.

Saturday night was my brother's Halloween party and I convinced my friend Will to come out from Niles for the night, as we decided to hit the party and then go to The Boneyard in Mayfield for their Halloween party. It was a lot of fun seeing my brother and sister in law and my friends before we headed over to the Boneyard. I'm hoping to post a couple pics of my costume and maybe some of the others, but we'll have to see if I can get things ever connected to the laptop to do it. The Boneyard was packed and it was a trip seeing all the costumes and hanging out with Will, my other good friend Aaron showed up after work as well and we finished out the night.

Sunday was spent sanding down the garage door and repainting it (for about the 5th time in the past two months) and then over to my parents to take my daughter out for her third trick or treating night of the week. I spent a couple hours over there visiting and I was so thankful to have some home cooked food at that point. One of the problems of spending time in an abandoned house means there's no pans, plates, or microwave, so you wind up cooking nothing and reheating nothing, which means a lot of restaurant style food or you just skip it. Boof had a great time trick or treating with her cousin Erica, although the week seemed to finally catch up to Bronwyn, as she was definitely showing signs of fatigue. Considering she had three trick or treats, a school costume party, two drives up to Cleveland in two weeks, Erica's birthday party, and a visit to the Columbus zoo over the last week, I can't say I was surprised, but I will say I'm impressed, she definitely has my motor. Of course after a good night's rest Sunday, she was raring to go on Monday, right about the time I was exhausted.

Sunday night, my friend Aaron came out to Cleveland and we went and watched the football game and bs'd for the night. We called it an early night at about midnight, but it was a lot of fun. One of the other negatives about staying at the old house, being there makes me want to be out of it when I'm not working on it, so nights are usually spent going out for drinks or hanging out (inevitably drinking). Which I don't mind, but along with sleeping on an air mattress at the house, it wears me down after a bit.

Then Monday was a quick run to the dealer for the car checkup, the house inspection, and then the drive back to Columbus.

It's weird to think it might be Christmas time until I'm back in the area and that it's likely I won't see a number of people until my brother's birthday weekend in January. I guess that's pretty standard for this time of year anyway, just seems weird when thinking about it. It was a lot of fun seeing everyone over the course of the weekend, and I still miss Cleveland dearly, although I find myself thinking of Columbus as home, more and more in reference.

I mentioned earlier that it looks like I have an audition coming up if the band and I can find a good day for it. They appear to be a bit lighter on material then Torrn, meaning a bit more pop, but it looks like they are fairly established and have liked the demos I sent them, so we'll see how it goes. It looks like they are typically a 5 piece group, keyboards, drums, lead guitar, bass, and singer. I'm sure I'll have a variety of thoughts on this as things progress. I'm going to miss some of the rock if I do get the gig, but it will be interesting to try some of the more poppy stuff, if that's truly the case.

That's enough for now, a full weekend of rest coming up which seems like the first one in months, and then a work trip scheduled for late next week, which will give me another break from Columbus for awhile. There probably won't be a lot of interesting stuff coming up for posts, so perhaps I'll get back to some 'thought' style write ups. Until then, take care.