Thursday, October 7, 2010

Life is a game of inches

About two months ago, I wrote about how fortune seemed to line up for me over the past few weeks, and how small things seemed to be moving in positive directions when I needed them too.

I think I jinxed my own karma. It probably started happening about a week or so after that post, but since that time the last two months have been dismal, with one bad break after another. Sure they were likely to happen anyway, but when you start going bad, they do seem to pile up.

Here's what we've had, just off of the head.

1. After thinking my home inspection by the city went fine, upon receiving their formal write-up I realize I'm left with no choice but to hire a painter to paint the house and have a plumber come in and do some work on the water heater. Cha-ching

2. Our new car suddenly has warning lights come up regularly on one of the tires. After filling it thinking it was just low, two days later it's back and I schedule an appointment. Of course there is an issue with the tire, a nail in the inside sidewall, meaning the tire is not fixable, and there is no roadside warranty on the new car, just manufacturing warranty. It doesn't help that the price for the new tire, is about what I usually spent for four on my old car.

3. Chipped tooth on a tic tac. Visit to the dentist reveals a crown is needed. Another nice bill.

4. I haven't mentioned the wife's purse and bag being stolen yet have I, of course this happened so long ago now, I don't remember it as much.

5. Continued fighting with insurance and the hospital that can't seem to submit appointments right from a year ago, when my wife had a series of bills come up.

6. Regular oil change and rotation on my old car, which we hardly ever drive, turns up that the back brakes and rotors are bad, wonderful.

That's all I can think of off the top of the head at the moment, and it's not like they don't happen to anyone else, but I'll be honest, combined with the move to a new city, and stress of getting situated and trying to get the old house ready, I swear I'm ready to kick the dog. (Figuratively speaking of course.)

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