Thursday, October 14, 2010

Friday Thoughts 10/15/2010

I was hoping this week would have been a good one, but I seem to have hit a rut as we got closer to the end. The good news though is the week has went by fairly quickly and I'm looking forward to the weekend as we do some Fall/Halloween activities here in the Columbus area.

1. While I don't approve of the alleged behavior of the NY Jet football players in relation to the Ines Sainz incident. I do want to point out a picture in the link of the story I've attached below. While there is no doubting she's an attractive woman and I completely understand as she puts it "She likes to look good". I do think that it's entirely possible that she doesn't quite understand the word 'professional'. There aren't a lot of 'professional' jobs that I know of where a female would find it appropriate to walk around with their blouse unbuttoned to the point it is in this photo. Again, this isn't to say what the Jet players did was excusable, but I do find it sort of amusing that this woman considers herself a 'professional' sports journalist. Given her hard hitting journalism such as measuring biceps on Super Bowl media day and such, you to ask the question on what exactly is she supposed to be doing in that locker room.

2. A quick trip to one of the many Thrift stores in Columbus last week allowed me to find what I needed for my Halloween costume and I lucked out in that I found it at the first store I visited. I'm going a bit dapper for my costume, either as a devil or a vampire. I'm leaning toward a Devil, as Vampires have been so overplayed, and I've dressed up like one before.

3. I don't know how they manage to do it, but the South Park writers never stop amazing me, how they can keep their edge so many years in is absolutely amazing. If you haven't seen this week's episode, check it out. The 'Jersey' episode bordered the line of hilarious and offensive in only the way South Park can.

4. While driving today, I noticed bumper stickers plastered all over a van that caught my eye. I can only remember one exactly, which was "Satan was the first liberal". I'm guessing I will not be hanging out with the driver of this vehicle anytime soon.

5. The fascinating thing to me about strongly religious people, (assumption based on all of the bumper stickers, although most were conservative/republican based). Is that to my knowledge, most major religions preach about compassion and understanding for others. I'm guessing the lessons did not take for the car owner.

6. I'm trying to figure out how to handle my daughter's religious education she's receiving at day care. It's a Christian child care. I don't necessarily have a problem with what they are teaching her, but it is interesting to see what she's picking up, and at some point, I'll likely have a conversation with her in regards to it. I want to try and ensure she has an understanding that Christianity and it's beliefs are not necessarily the only ones out there, this will likely be an ongoing theme.

7. It seems I've been able to work some religion into the blog, after struggling with large posts for sometime that I eventually scrapped, it's interesting that it sort of works itself in there on its own. As to some of my thoughts, I could fill a book on it, I'm sure, which is why you haven't really gotten any posts about it from me. Every time I start writing something it strays off into so many directions that I'm sure it's unreadable. Anyway, I'll give up this much, I suppose if you must label me, you could call me a "Christian". My family is not what I would call 'religious' at least growing up. I've never attended church regularly, except for the time period when I became Catholic, due to my wife's request for marriage and I had to go through that whole process. I can say with some conviction though that even though I 'converted' to Catholicism, I most certainly am not Catholic, at least at this point, I still wonder what the hell I was doing in going through that, but then again we all do things at times for our significant other. Right now though, I'm not entirely sure I believe in anything, maybe it's due to things happening in life, maybe it's the inevitable position I was bound to take based on my father's views. I could probably give a better synopsis if we broke it down into spirituality and organized religion. Organized religion doesn't work for me, although I can appreciate what it does for some people. Spirituality, I'm still working on.

8. I watched Rocky IV again last night. It's the one where he fights the Russian, Ivan Drago, it's always been one of my favorites, (actually all four of the first Rocky movies are favorites). Anyway, I'm going to treat life's problems as my Ivan Drago from now on. Big imposing issues, that essentially you just have to overcome and ultimately beat down. If I was clever, I'd figure out a way to make that statement witty and put it on a bumper sticker.

9. My parents are really awesome. I can't list all of the great things they do. While those on the outside who viewed us as we were growing up probably wouldn't ever think that we were 'family orientated'. I'm constantly amazed in watching families who pay lip service to that commitment but fail to deliver on the actions. Anyway, I asked my father to try and work with a contractor to get something done with my water heater at my house, since I wouldn't be in the area and it was required by the city in order to pass the Point of Sale inspection. Estimates were in the 250+ range. Anyway, I heard a rumor today from my brother that my father has decided against a contractor and is completing it himself. I'll be a bit premature (since it's not done yet) and express my gratitude here first. (He doesn't know, I know). Thanks Dad, actually thanks to both you and Mom, for all of the things you guys have ever done for me and my family. A person could not have asked for better parents.

10. I'm really excited for tonight's stay at home night, I picked up a copy of "How to train your dragon" (which is one of the best animated movies I've seen), am either going to make pizza or pick some up and then I'm going to make some Cafe Du Monde beignets for dessert. It's shaping up to be one of those great nights at home.

Have a great weekend, and as always, thanks for reading.

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