Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday, err, Friday Thoughts 9/23/10

It's a day early I know. I don't feel like setting the timer for the post to show up tomorrow, so you get it one day early, and it helps with my title obsession of trying to keep things mixed up.

1. Joaquin Phoenix and Casey Affleck admit that Joaquin's 'retirement' and bizarre behavior were just a hoax. Does anyone care? Yes, I know Phoenix has been nominated for Oscars and I'd consider him to have marginal ability in a field that still employs William Shatner and Kevin Costner regularly. This is what happens when you let younger brothers do what they want. Ben should kick Casey's ass and Joaquin's too, since River isn't here.

2. I spent the afternoon cleaning the house and upon discovering the vacuum cleaner was no longer working, had to go through the whole process of removing a bag full of hair from the rollers. (yech). For all of the woman out there who regularly bash on their men for things they do or are responsible for, next time you think of doing so, think about whether your vacuum works regularly and who has to clean up that mess. If you aren't the one doing it, think about saving that that barb for another time or shave your head.

3. Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy this week. Before we claim that Netflix killed the video store, might it be that huge corporate businesses killed the video store, since they ran the small stores out of business and then raised prices to cover their predatory pricing? Just something to think about.

4. I'm off to Cleveland tomorrow to finish up some of the cleaning and maintenance of the house. I'm also meeting with the realtor to put the house on the market. So if you are looking in the Cleveland area, email me :)

5. This is the week of my friends annual trip up to Put in Bay, an island on Lake Erie. They've been doing this for about 11 years (at least) and have asked me to come up for at least the last 5. I've always declined. I'm happy to say though, I'll be making a visit to the island tomorrow after visiting the house. It will be interesting to see the island, as I've never visited it in all my years in Cleveland.

6. I forgot to mention that two of my closest friends decided to nickname me the last time we went out over Labor Day weekend. In some morbid way, I'm sort of excited about this, as I can't remember anyone ever giving me one (well at least that I thought was unique or interesting). They did a pretty good job with it, I think, although I'm going to hold back on sharing it for now. (the reason is, it's a bit to revealing for parts of my personality I tend to only share marginally on the blog).

7. Living here in Columbus means I'm inundated with Ohio State Buckeye promotion everywhere and on Saturdays in the fall, everyone is wearing Scarlett and Grey. I'm trying to get into it I really am, but after watching OSU squash Marshall, I just couldn't get over the fact that college football teams have like 2-3 'hard' games each year. It's just hard for me to get behind something like that, maybe I'd care more if I had gone to OSU, but living here doesn't seem to do it for me. I guess that's what happens when you've been a fan of the Indians and Browns for so long and your college was Kent State.

8. Bronwyn's still struggling with day care drop off, breaking into tears three of the four days she's been dropped off this week. The good news though is that she seems to be doing well when she's there and hasn't been angling to get out of going to daycare each night. As the designated drop off person though, I have to say it's not easy leaving when she's upset like that.

9. Speaking of Bronwyn, she's starting Pee Wee cheerleading tonight. It's a once a week class at the park, although they don't cheer for a football team. (We were told that's another group). Anyway, it should give her something to look forward too over the next two months or so and hopefully will help her adjust more.

10. The Browns have started out 0-2. While the national pundits have placed them consistently in 2nd last place in their power rankings, I can guarantee the team is not that bad. Yes, they've had two games where they've made crucial mistakes, but for those games they controlled the majority of those games. Compared to what's been on the field for the last 10 years, this team is making progress. The two losses are by a combined 5 points, in years past double digit victories were the norm.

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