Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More Columbus stuff

I've made it to mid week and we can finally see the floor on the first floor. Actually the first floor is pretty well set with a former bookcase making a nice makeshift pantry and some quality positioning of furniture and toys that I learned from the one bedroom apartment that the wife and I shared prior to the house.

Here are a couple things I like so far in being in the apartment.

1. Outlets everywhere! Our house, built in the 1920's had one outlet per room on the second floor, talk about guaranteeing where an alarm clock would go.

2. Every time I turn on something or look at a door, the floor, or anything that came with the townhouse, I don't instantly calculate how close it is to breaking or how much it might take to fix it. The beauty of renting is all about the maintenance. After owning the 'money pit' for 7 years, I'm enjoying this change.

3. Along with the outlets everywhere, it's also laid out far better then my old house, there is very little wasted space, as things fit like they are supposed to in a modern dwelling. Even though my old house had more room, it had far more wasted space.

4. A ton of shopping options right near the house, finally got groceries last night, as the supplies I brought in the cooler from the old house had run out.

Things that I'm not loving so far.

1. I miss the isolation of my house porch or backyard. Being on top of neighbors just builds anxiety for me, the good thing is everyone in the complex seems nice and I seem to be easing into it after only one week. I thought it would take longer or not at all.

2. The place is smaller, and that kind of sucks, even though some of it was wasted space, we definitely didn't feel as cramped as we do here, although this will pass.

3. Too much still to do on the old house and for changing things over to the new address. I can't wait until that ends, but I'm guessing it goes until at least the beginning of October.

4. Bronwyn's still having a hard time adjusting, she's not sharing it with us, unless we press, but I can tell it's affecting her (all the change). Her behavior is off a bit, ignoring us and intentionally disobeying things, although they are minor things, this is extremely out of character for her. She also gets a bit upset every afternoon, it appears to be from being tired and although I could be wrong here 'stress'. We're working on this one though, pre-school should help as she's looking forward to it and will get her mind off of the change or at least let her deal with it on her terms.

5. I'm not loving that I can't just throw the dog outside if he continues to hover under my feet. Our pug was spastic enough at the old house, add in a new place, new noises, and the fact that he has to be leashed everywhere now and you have one hyper pug. I will say that Bronwyn and Edgar seem to be bonding more due to the move, interesting how familiarity can breed increased closeness.

That's enough for now, I'm sure there are other things I'm forgetting at the moment, that I'll get to eventually. I'm heading up to Cleveland for the weekend to work on the hardwood floors, get a house painting estimate, clean, and work on some of the point of sale issues. So much for a holiday weekend.

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