Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Thoughts 9/17

It's been awhile since I had a Friday list, so here goes.

1. A scary moment for one of my favorite bloggers this week. it looks like he is pulling through though, I wish him all the best in his recovery.

2. I'm adjusting to life in Columbus, slowly but surely. One positive I've been able to find 5 FM stations to plug into my presets and for the most part they are superior to Cleveland's choices. I particularly like Gen X radio so far 106.7.

3. I'm tired of insurance company forms and constantly paying out for shit during this move. If I hadn't mentioned it before, the wife's purse and bag were stolen from her car the day prior to our move, so for the last couple weeks I've been compiling a list of things stolen, talking with the insurance company and filling out way too many forms. Hopefully I'm finally done with all of the paperwork. I can't imagine having to go through it for a fire or loss of house property.

4. When we moved, I decided to try and change my diet a bit. I've been really focusing on eating more fruits and vegetables. Considering my definition of vegetable before was potato, this is a bit of a monumental task. I'm happy to report though that so far, so good. I've been munching on veggies like they were going out of season and I'm definitely feeling the effects of catching up on the nutrients they provide.

5. I miss my office, while the basement is almost finished being arranged, I still find myself on most days sitting with the laptop in the living room. It works for what I need to do, but I need to force myself into the basement more often, to at least break the monotony of working and relaxing in the same place.

6. A big thank you to the FBI this week, for starting to break up the corrupt County elected officials in Cleveland. Cuyahoga County for those not familiar with the area. Frank Russo, former county auditor since 1997 resigned this week and yesterday pleaded guilty to charges that will put him in jail for 21 years. County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora is up next having been arrested this week. This is a big step forward for the county and hopefully they can do a fair job at eliminating the corruption in the offices, although I don't think they'll fully clean it up.

7. I would be negligent if I didn't point out that the Cleveland Plain Dealer ( has done a very nice job of reporting during the whole county ordeal. I'm sure they've shed light on a number of areas that assisted the FBI probes. I'll leave the determination of who did it first to others, but the coverage alone by the Plain Dealer has been very good.

8. I apologize for bitching about the Plain Dealer's online offerings in previous blog posts. While I still think there is a lot of room for improvement. The Columbus Dispatch is so far behind from an online standpoint, it's laughable. It doesn't help that after reading some of the online information from the Dispatch, that I can't help but think that there coverage of things has a very college feel to it, similar to their Sports section, that is listed as Buckeye Sports, rather then sports. All Major League and NFL content I've found for the most part are linked from the Plain Dealer or Cincinnati Enquirer. I realize Columbus doesn't have any of the major league sports (MLB, NBA, and NFL), but given the proximity to the two cities, I have to believe it would be better served by beat reporters for those sports. After all, isn't it the 'largest' city in Ohio. It wouldn't hurt for the Dispatch to display Columbus' professional teams a little better either, while I'm not a big fan of Soccer or the NHL, I'm surprised there isn't better coverage of them in the paper.

9. I'm really happy with the grocery offerings here in Columbus. Krogers and Meijers blow away the choices and sales that Cleveland has available. Considering Cleveland only has Giant Eagle right now as a main store, and a lot of discount stores supporting it, it's no surprise. Giant Eagle is also down here in Columbus, but from a pricing standpoint their ad is eons behind Krogers or Meijers.

10. I'm heading out for the first time tonight to check out some of the nightlife scene in Columbus, my childhood friend's band "Chief Bromide" is actually playing down here tonight for a show. A good opportunity to see something familiar and get a chance to see the area and people at some of the shows. I'm still in process of trying to find a band to sing with and get that kick started again, I'm thinking I'll have more to report on that in the next month.

Bonus point for the week: Bronwyn has been enjoying day care, but the long week and new settings have been catching up to her. Today she cried on drop off that she wanted to come home with me. Each night, we've had problems getting her to leave, but at home she's usually angling for how to get of going the next day, everything from pretend illnesses to begging. It's a rough adjustment for her so far, but today is the first today, she's actually cried at the daycare and gave the bear hug to try and get me to take her home. I'm glad its the last day of the week though as I'm sure she can use a weekend of being home to get back in the swing of things.

Have a great weekend!

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