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Friday Thoughts 10/1/2010 The Yin and Yang version

This week you get a double dose of Friday thoughts. Believe me, not all are gems, as it's definitely not easy to come up with 20 things to post a quick blurb about. When I started doing the Friday thoughts, I thought it would be a good way to force myself to have a semi-regular feature for readers to count on in order to make the blog interesting. It also was meant to be a way for me to type out quick thoughts without droning on about something, that would make it unreadable anyway.

I typically start thinking about things I might want to put on the list about Wednesday of any given week, as I started typing this up on Thursday, I realized that I was likely to have a very negative toned list. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but given the fact that I like a little balance and it is Friday, I decided that I needed to balance it out a little this week. Hence, the Yin and Yang Friday thoughts. If you aren't looking at being down before the weekend, save the first 10 for another day. Unfortunately, this is an imperfect project and my guess is that the

The Yang:

1. A somber link this morning.

There are so many things wrong here, I don't even know where to begin. While I admit to making an assumption that the reason for the jump is due to the actions of the roommates. The point I want to make is for those that find all sorts of reasons to hate homosexuals. The suicide by this young man is an indirect result of your hate and prejudice. This isn't the first situation like this and unfortunately it won't be the last. While you may have all sort of reasons to believe what you do, remember that your crusade, crude comments, hate, and bad behavior toward those that are different then you have an impact. Why you struggle with the fact that someone maybe different then you, I'll never understand.

2. This is a video link:

Another case of bullying, where two boys allegedly broke the cheerleader boy's arms. He wants to be a cheerleader, so what. Even as children we tend to be so miserable we can't stand it when someone is enjoying something. I realize there is a level of bullying that we probably will never be able to eradicate. Bullying goes hand in hand with point 1. We, as a society, seem to have forgotten how to teach our children or each other how to respect others.

3. I contacted my mortgage company this week at the request of my Realtor to inquire about their short sale process. All I have to say is it's a wonderfully bureaucratic process .

4. Lebron James has dropped the race card on his popularity sagging due to the 'Decision'

5. The Brown's are now 0-3. I promise you though, it's not as bad as it looks. There are some positives here, just not showing up in the record yet. The real concern could be that the public turns completely on this team though before they continue to make progress. Here's hoping they don't pull the plug on things, as that would just repeat the previous cycles.

6. I know today is link heavy, what can I say, the news is bugging me this week on the Internet.

If this was a case of just 'helping' out a homeless student, is there a reason he had to play football. And while, the article comments that he 'only' makes a stipend of$3,800.00 for coaching the team, does that take into account, that technically he only does it a couple hours a week for 3-4 months? I'd take $3,800.00 to work 2-3 hours after school on weekdays for 3-4 months. It also should be noted, that most 'retirement' packages for teachers count your stipends as part of your salary for determining your retirement package.

7. There are some days, I wake up really hating Columbus and this Townhouse.

8. If you follow any world news, then you should probably familiarize yourself with 'Kim Jong Un' as he's likely to be in the news over the next couple of decades. (yes, this qualifies as Yang for those not in North Korea)

9. Rahm Emmanuel is leaving his White House post tomorrow, I think it would benefit the current administration to add Emmanuel Lewis in his place.

10. For a city surrounded by farmland, I'm disturbed by the lack of Farmer's Markets, stands, or any semblance of places selling locally grown produce in the area. The North Market farm vendors were selling some of the crappiest looking stuff I've ever seen there on my visit two weeks ago. I'm telling you it was so bad, I'm pretty sure I could have grown better stuff with "Brondo" (it's what plants crave, look it up).

The Yin:

1. Our insurance claim appears to be settled. We filed a claim when my wife's car was broken into and her things were taken. While I can honestly say it was a more fun then being stabbed in the eye, I'm very glad the process is over.

2. Bronwyn hasn't cried once this week when being dropped off at day care. That's good for a deep sigh of relief at least.

3. During my college years, I worked at a souvenir shop, which doubled as a local liquor/lottery/sex toy/adult noveltie shop. (Yes, you read that last part right). Anyway, in the fall, they would turn the store into a Halloween store, as there weren't a lot of places to go in the area to get costume stuff. It was one of my favorite jobs, as we were able to build displays and pretty much dress in whatever we could put together when we were working. I've still went back there over the years to look for costumes and even worked a couple falls there after I had left. I've never quite found a place that had as much Halloween stuff as we did at the Odyssey. That is until yesterday, when I came across Party-City. A party store here in Columbus, that blew away the Odyssey layout. I took the daughter and wife there yesterday and they found their costumes. I'm very into putting a costume together this year (it seems to come and go for me, some years, I'm crazy about it, others I just throw something on the day before). Anyway, my wife asked me if I wanted to look around, I told her that it's best if I don't as it will take me 2-3 hours of going through the store to see what they have and it probably would be better if I did it alone (this isn't an exaggeration) . I really want to get a part time job there for the season.

4. I'm the type that just can't throw on any Halloween costume, even ones that are last minute are usually cobbled together from all the 'stuff' I have. Detail is so important, although I'm like that when I dress to go out as well. Anyway, I'm finding it funny that Bronwyn seems to be exhibiting some of my quirkiness in regards to costumes. The costume she wanted this year, had to be a little cute, and a little scary, but it couldn't be too scary. Nice... I think we found a witch one that fits that criteria for her.

5. Stuxnet, if you aren't familiar with what it is, do a search on it. In my opinion this is one of those significant events in our lifetime. If it's as sophisticated as most experts are claiming and it completes it's mission as intended, this type of offensive will change the world as we know it. I'm secretly hoping it is actually U.S. funded code, at the very least I'd like to think we still have the ability as a nation to be the first/best in something.

6. There are days I love living in Columbus and finding new things out about the area. There is something refreshing about change. It's also fairly stimulating to discover new things to do.

7. Fall is here, absolutely my favorite time of year. I'm still convinced Cleveland has the best fall weather of anywhere I've ever been. Columbus is close though (big surprise there due to their proximity). I'm very happy though, that the move for the wife's new job did not take me too far from Fall in Ohio. The weather is perfect and the trees changing color are gorgeous.

8. I highly recommend checking out or living social(.com). Both sites offer local area deals on a daily basis. Anything from restaurants, to spa treatments, to auto services. Unlike, most of the dining deals include alcohol too, which usually makes it pretty easy to hit the total you are shooting for and get a free drink in the process.

9. Here's some more shameless promotion. I've taken another step in trying to find another band to play with. We'll see what happens. If you didn't get a chance to listen to the demos I did before with the old band and had posted, you can find them here:

10. That's it for the week, Yin, definitely not as solid as the Yang this week, we'll see if that balances out in future versions, that is if I ever do a future version like this. Have a great weekend!

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