Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blogging from the porch 9/12

Well about a 1000ft from the porch. New city equals finding a place to watch the Browns. The city is divided between Cincinnati and Cleveland, local station chose the Bengals this week.

I decide instead of streaming I'd visit some local places first one is about a block from my house and bills itself the only Browns backer bar in Grove City. Not bad 4 TVs with the game and a lot of Browns fans, the one problem only beer license on Sunday, this is a deal breaker fore, damn blue laws, haven't seen a place like this in Cleveland for 5 years at least. More to come once I check out another spot.

I wound up visiting two more spots. Blah, I remember now why I can't stand sports bars, fairly depressing or over crowded. The next stop was a nice bar with about 3 people in it, I had a drink and moved on. The third spot was probably best although I'd call it more of a restaurant that serves drinks then a bar. I managed to stick around until the third quarter, then got bored and came home.

I might have to get used to listening to the games on the radio, at least there is a local affiliate for that, that is for the games that aren't broadcast locally.

- michael

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