Monday, August 9, 2010

Nice job by the Plain Dealer (Hugo Boss)

I wanted to take a second and praise a recent article by the Cleveland Plain Dealer detailing the Hugo Boss plant negotiations with the union and company executives that resulted in the plant remaining open in the Cleveland area. Here is a link to the article (two part article link for second at the bottom of Part 1):

What I want to commend is the fact that they've done a nice job of actually looking at the facts of the situation and reporting them, which allows those that truly made a difference to receive credit.

The highlight of the article for me is what's not here, little mention of our politicians who jumped in front of the camera for local news as soon as the plant re-opened. Those that are mentioned are done so in the way that reflects there 'influence' was truly minimal to the situation although I'm sure important for the areas that they intervened with.

The article also does a remarkable job of painting the picture of the bittersweet world we live in today with our workers and corporations. There is no winner in a situation such as this, although our local TV news is more then happy to allow Dennis Kucinich, Sherrod Brown, or a host of other politicians the opportunity to come out the winner based on their coverage.

'Who is to blame?' and 'How did we get here?" are best left to future articles and discussions, but based on this quality reporting, maybe there is hope for productive discussions on those topics in the future.

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