Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Neglected blog and updates on the move

As usual when things get hectic, the blog seems to be the first thing to go. With a couple minutes this morning, I thought it would be a good time to write up some thoughts.

The move is scheduled for this weekend, we are loading the truck here in Cleveland and Saturday and then getting an early morning start down to Columbus on Sunday to finish the move. My dining room is stacked to capacity right now with boxes and crates. I did manage to get our bed disassembled. About 5 years ago while the wife was on a trip I bought a canopy bed (she had always wanted one). Being a man, the canopy bed was a metal monstrosity and we were unsure whether the canopy would disconnect in the necessary way in order for us to remove it and just retain the bed (new townhouse ceilings are likely too low for the bed due to ceiling fan). I'm happy to report though, that I was successful and we will have a non-canopy bed in the new place. Unfortunately during some of the deconstruction, I created more tasks to complete. My particular favorite was removing the top canopy parts to the garage and putting them right through the screen door, fml. (dad for your reference, that's fuck my life :) and this is a smiley face)

The point of sale inspection by the city seemed to go well, when the inspector left, I was a bit relieved as their didn't seem to be anything crushing that would need to be taken care of. Oh, how first impressions are often wrong, upon receiving my list from the city a couple days later, I saw that the list was a bit more daunting then I had anticipated. I'll write up my thoughts on this whole ordeal, once the issue is completed (i.e home sold). While I'm fairly confident the blog remains in anonymous land, I don't want to tempt fate, with a tersely worded critique of the process and risk retribution during the process.

Otherwise, that's about it for now, I've been thinking about how I'm going to handle some of these house issues during the next couple months, and it appears that's going to mean some rather frequent trips up here to resolve, looks like I better get used to driving again.

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