Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Thoughts 8/6

1. I caught an interesting show on Biography this week. "Aftermath" where William Shatner interviews people of interest. The episode I watched was his interview with Bernard Goetz. It was a pretty fascinating session. For those that aren't aware, Goetz is the NY subway vigilante from the 80s. A person and situation that has always fascinated me. When I have some time I hope to put some thoughts up in regards to the situation, but given the amount I have to write about it, it's likely to be awhile. For a quick recap go here: (and please remember the source is not an authority, but rather an information deposit).

2. I'm still convinced that the American people want blood for the 'Great Recession'. After watching the Bernard Goetz interview, I'm more convinced of that then ever. There are points in our history and with society where we decide that accuracy is irrelevant, that there must be blood spilled to satiate our emotions. It will be interesting to see whether we ever get 'blood' for the recession. Since for the most part none of the big companies/banks failed, I still think there is a measure of desire from the American people to see some entity experience the same level of despair that many Americans have experienced. Unfortunately at this time there aren't a lot of candidates for that spot, although if I'm the head honcho BP, I'd be concerned that my company maybe on the chopping block to satisfy the masses desire for a public execution, even though the reasons are for different things.

3. If you could pick one year out of your life to relive forever, do you have one that you'd choose?

4. This is a fairly significant military development from China. . Things like this start Cold Wars.

5. I don't think I've mentioned this before, but I'm absolutely fascinated seeing people the way some people embrace religion as they get older. The fascination comes from watching people that years ago had no religious direction or discernible traits turn into bible thumping preachers. For those that know me and read this blog and think I'm referring to you, I'm not. In my circles there aren't any like this , I'm more fascinated by the ones I've known from back in college or high school and then see their regular Facebook postings.

6. I have very little issue with religious people, it's hypocrisy that I can't stand. There are many that understand the difference. The few that don't are the irritating ones.

7. When my father was helping me re-carpet our front porch two weeks ago, he asked me about my post on being 'lucky' and what 'lucky' things were happening. I did a poor job in translating the feeling I was trying to talk about, in hindsight, I'd have posted about being fortunate rather then lucky. It fits better for the feeling. And since I know he's probably reading, an example of when things are going right, when I went to buy the rest of the carpet for the porch and needed 18x12 feet. Lowes had 18.5x12 feet left on the roll, rather then 17.9x12. That's when things are going your way.

8. The wife leaves for Columbus on Sunday, she's staying down there with a friend for weekdays over the next three weeks as she starts work and we wait for the move in day for our townhouse. I'm sure the little one is going to exhaust me over the next three weeks.

9. Tonight is one of the final 'date' nights in Cleveland for the wife and I (at least for the foreseeable future). We settled on Stancato's for dinner, a place we've become fond of on this side of town and a movie. The movie of choice tonight is Twilight Eclipse. And for those that are interested I would fall under the category of Team Edward, with my wife (sigh) falling under the category of Team Jacob.

10. Yes, I'm well aware of how I'm perceived from my statement on my Twilight preference, what can I say, I'm complex. The question you have to ask yourself though is where else can you get a twilight reference along with a brief discussion of China's new military capability. (that's a pretty short list I imagine).

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