Thursday, August 26, 2010

Being true to yourself

Stories like this amaze me.

I don't even know where to begin the lunacy of a situation like this. So we'll go with my standard list format.

1. Many of us are aware that there are times when we need to compromise our principles, do something we don't like, especially when we are working for someone else. I understand that, but you also are able to reasonably estimate how far you might need to take something when you join an organization or take a job for someone.

2. Is it possible to be gay and not want same sex marriage? (although I relent there are some days all of us would vote to abolish marriage, I digress). My point is, while I disagree with the standard conservative argument against same sex marriage, I can at least (somewhat) understand their position. For someone who is gay to not only be against it, but to champion policy and public opinion against it, seems unbelievable to me.

3. You can also throw in all of my arguments for those who support laws against same sex marriages. (those hold true regardless of the sexuality of the person I'm arguing with). There are many points I could argue, but I'll keep it simple here with just one. How can you deny two people the right to try and share their lives together? I feel sorry for those that have so much hate that they can argue against it. (This doesn't hold true that make the argument that civil unions should be allowed, while I don't necessarily think it takes it far enough, in my opinion that's another level of the argument, that I think both sides would need to work out.)

Ok, rant over for the day, carry on. Ken Mehlman, thanks for amazing me on this day, it's rare that I find someone that I pity.

*Post write edit* For further reading on the subject and a far better breakdown of the issues involved here, please visit Grange's blog.


Grange95 said...

This guy is a hypocritical fraud. Nobody gets to their mid-40s and "discovers" they are gay. This yahoo managed a campaign based in part on gay-baiting. Now, after cashing in, he suddenly wants to be accepted by those of us who have been out and open, and hurt by his actions. Give me a break.

Michael said...

I couldn't agree more, as has been reported to by a number of outlets, there wasn't much doubt in Washington circles that he was gay. The campaign he ran was disgusting, politics at it's worst. I can only hope he's shunned based on this past, but my guess is some organization craving attention will give him a job.