Monday, July 26, 2010

Moving on up

As I mentioned in the Friday thoughts, the wife and I made the trek down to Columbus on Saturday to get a lay of the land and try and identify potential places to rent.

After pouring over online ads for the past two weeks, I sent my wife a stack of them that she went through and further narrowed down the choices and made some appointments. After I looked at our list of potentials for the day, my stomach dropped a bit as I saw only one on the list that had made it through the grinder and seemed like a possible match.

So we decided to start out at that one and go from there. We scoured the area for day cares and to get a feel for the area from a living standpoint and we were reasonably impressed. After touring the townhouse and confirming the previous information we have, we decided to fill out the application and put a hold deposit down on a unit.

Pending the complexes approval, expected to come in the next day or two, we are moving to Grove City, Oh. A southwestern suburb outside of Columbus. The townhouse is nice, 1400 sq. ft, for a rent that feels ridiculously low compared to my house payment and estimated utilities that are about 33% of my current utility bill. Once we sell our house, I may never own again (not likely). However, I'm pretty happy with the place we found, there are a ton of restaurants, stores, and other things that are right in the area. The only unfortunate part is the place isn't available until the first week of September, so that means the wife may have to spend a couple weeks with a friend until it's available.

The complex is fairly large, 400 units, with 3 playgrounds and a pool. Unfortunately they don't have a gym, but we do have a basement, so the treadmill gets to come along and with the suburban nature of the area, I'm hopeful I can find a gym I like in the area.

So now it's back to packing and getting the house on the market, the fun never stops.

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