Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Thoughts 7/30

It's continued to be a busy couple weeks, at least that means that there's enough information to put together a top 10 list. So here we go.

1. We have been approved for the new place in Columbus, and we move on the 28th of August. Moving truck is rented and now it's all about getting stuff into boxes.

2. We had our first sit down with a realtor this week on selling the house. The conversation went about like I expected it to. We'll see how things go from here, although I'm not highly optimistic it's going to resolve anytime soon. I'd like to extend a fond sarcastic "thank you" to Garfield Heights for having the audacity to charge $125 for a required point of sale inspection for the house. Considering there are in excess of 300+ houses in this suburb up for sale and a huge number of foreclosures in addition to those trying to sell, it amazes me that the city continues to look for justifications on making it difficult for people to sell their house. Their point of sale inspections are considered some of the harshest in the area, according to some of the Realtors I've talked too. Great, just another level of anxiety for me to deal with.

3. From the headlines of "What kind of idiot do you have to be" we have the Arlington cemetery superintendent. Someone please explain to me, how something like this can happen. After all at it's most simplest of forms, a cemetery is essentially an inventory system for the deceased. This little checklist would have saved them all of the agony.
a. Identify remains
b. Dig hole
c. Put remains in hole
d. Cover hole with dirt
e. Record remains name on headstone
f. Record headstone in a big book
g. Repeat process as required

4. Last week during the drive past the skyline of Columbus, I joked with the wife that I couldn't navigate where we were as I didn't have the Terminal Tower as a reference point. Since she has lived most of her life out in the rural area of Mantua and Streetsboro, she didn't find it amusing.

5. The one positive to having so many things on the plate with the move is that time really does seem to fly by during this process. The next few weeks are going to be a blur. My wife was complaining a bit last week that we hadn't made any progress toward the move, as I was outlining a plan and collecting data. I told her that before she knew it, things would be moving way to fast and there would be little time for thinking or planning. Well the next day that proved true, as she was scheduled to sign her contract for Monday, we applied for an got the apartment, set up a moving day, and have rented the truck for the move.

6. I'm taking a half day off today and taking the family to Swings and Things, if you've read my blog for any amount of time, I've likely referenced their ice cream. My favorite sports talk host of all time used to reference it regularly during his promos for the place. It's a nice diversion for half a day and considering the little one can't ride on most rides at the amusement park yet, it seems sort of a waste for us to head there and pay for two adult admissions and then take turns standing in line. So we'll play some miniature golf, ride some go karts and eat some ice cream today instead.

7. More proof that as you get older you get a little loony. Anne Rice, author of Interview with the Vampire and The Vampire Lestat, has decided to abandon Christianity again. Within the last year or two, Anne re-embraced Christianity, although most of her writings spent a fair amount of time picking at the religion. (Memnoch the Devil comes to mind). Anne was never what I would consider 'quite right' in the mind if you heard any interviews with her, but her flip flopping with religion strikes me as a bit bizarre even for her. Maybe it's not about the older you get, maybe it's more about famous people are weird. (After all I'm still trying to puzzle through Dennis Miller's constant flip flopping on policies). Anyway, it's sort of grotesquely fascinating at the very least.

8. I've talked about the fact, that I consider Cleveland to be a dying city, I have to say my trip down there last Saturday only continued to reinforce that belief. On a beautiful Saturday night with a home baseball game downtown, the city came across as lifeless to me. The people that were out, and there were not a lot of them were just not what you would expect from a major city. I realize that the population of Cleveland is small compared to most big cities, but if you factor in the population of Cuyahoga County, it's a top 15 area, and being a top 15 city, the downtown scene was embarrassing.

9. Facebook is a fascinating discussion piece for friends with mutual acquaintances, discussing status messages posted by others that often times are done without a filter is fascinating. It's 21st century gossip at it's best.

10. My head is spinning with trying to figure out what electric cigarette I want to buy, there's like 10 different models and 4 parts for each and assorted other things. I know, I know the best thing to do would be to just quit, however I'm stubborn like that.

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