Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Thoughts 7/23/10

Here we go with another edition:

1. A big thank you to my Dad for helping me put some carpet on the porch to fix up an area that needed improving, although I must say it was a bit weird, since he's now discovered the blog and was making veiled references to it throughout the evening. So welcome as well Dad.

2. I've been listing a bunch of stuff I have for sale this week on the web, I've procrastinated so long in doing it, but with the move coming, it's a nice opportunity to try and make a couple bucks and get rid of some of the crap I don't plan on moving anyway. So far, I haven't had a bad week, as I was able to get rid of a playstation 2 system I had bought from a friend a couple years ago and never really used.

3. I had an interview this week, for a new position, that's based out of Columbus. Well it was sort of an interview, it lasted about 15 minutes. The manager really liked my skill set except for the fact that I don't have a ton of experience with distributed server farms and since it's in another division getting approval to move over there would almost take an act of God. (or insert relevant deity here). I was pretty happy how it went though, although I'd like the position, I know the reality of moving across the divisions is extremely difficult, this is when you find that working for a large company means the bureaucracy is pretty ridiculous at times. It is nice to know though that my previous career choices are lining up well for my next position though, that tells me it's only a matter of time, rather then a complete act of deity in order for it to happen.

4. My preseason predictions for baseball don't look horrible at the moment, at least for division winners, but my MVP and Cy Young predictions are probably no good at this point. Although I'm thinking my comeback player of the year choices might be right on.

5. And from news that you should be paying more attention to your city government, we have this web story about City administrators and salaries. My favorite part is the sentence that states they won't get severance, but that they get their pensions of astronomical values.

6. Tomorrow is the first trip down to Columbus to look for a place to rent. There's one very good looking place on our list we are visiting, that I'm extremely hopeful about.

7. Apple and Steve Jobs, seem to have fallen into that standard trap that can happen when you go from being the underdog to champion. Apple continually looks arrogant and foolish for the way it's handled the 'death grip' phenomenon for it's iphone 4. I begin to understand public relations so much more as I get older and seeing things like this. The funny part to me though is the fact that Apple likely spends a fair amount on public relations and if they are being consulted on this, they should be fired for the missteps in this process so far. I tend to believe that the ego of Steve Jobs is driving this far more then any public relations firm though, so Mr. Jobs like so many before him will get a chance to see how stupid, arrogant decisions in the public eye play out much differently when you are the king of the hill rather then the underdog. Here's a recap of some of the issues without a lot of commentary on what's happened since.

8. Working from home as I've pointed out before has it's advantages, but it also has it's disadvantages, after not being tethered to the computer in my home office last week, going back to it for 5 days this week, has been pure pain. While it's not a different feeling then going to a work office after being away, it sort of makes you hate your home when you are feeling like this.

9. Going out to 'celebrate' with a friend tomorrow downtown, his wife is moving out today of their house and their divorce is about complete. Interesting how many of these relationships are playing out for friends. I'm hopeful this is a good start for him in getting to where he wants to be after the divorce.

10. Speaking of things I'm going to miss in the Cleveland area, I asked my parents to pick up some Blasioles pizza yesterday before they came over (as the drive is a bit prohibitive for dinner). I ordered two large pepperoni, one with extra cheese, the funny thing was we couldn't tell which one was the extra cheese one as they were completely loaded. I wonder how my mother is going to react when I order Blasioles for Thanksgiving when we visit?

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