Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Thoughts 7/16/2010

Hmm, let's see if I can come up with anything worth reading today. Here's a very overdue version of Friday thoughts.

1. Lebron James, a couple points devoted to you today: enjoy being second fiddle to Dwayne Wade (you do realize he has one championship, so like an older brother you can't exactly catch up playing together, right?)

2. Thank you for making every Generation X'er, start thinking things like "What is this world coming too" and "today's youth" phrases we heard our elders say and we laughed at, but we just kind of nod knowingly now. Congrats on the attention and enjoy it now, because in another 5 - 10 years you are going to be a has been (actually since you'll get to share the glory and fame with Wade and Bosh, you maybe on the road to becoming one already), and although I'm sure the fame and money are great, the fact that we'll likely get to watch you became surly and agitated due to the focus not being on you anymore will sort of be poetic justice. (For a comparison, see the fact that Art Modell had to sell the team he had owned for 50+ years, that was an extremely satisfying feeling). Oh don't believe me "King" James, see how goofy Michael Jordan looks in his interviews now or for his Hall of Fame acceptance. Fame's a tricky thing, baby.

3. BP, great you plugged the leak, here's a suggestion, continue to keep it low profile, you are better off that way. I don't compliment my child for falling asleep at night like she's supposed to.

4. Secretly, one thing I've always wanted to do is go over Niagara Falls. Ever since I was a little boy and we used to visit the daredevil museum up in Niagara or looking out at the falls, I've always had the desire to be one that went over it. Today's the 50th anniversary of one of the most remarkable incidents. I was also very excited to see that a daredevil went over them about 2 years ago. If I ever was diagnosed terminally, you may seem my name on that list someday. (shh, don't tell anyone though, the Canadians tend to frown on that :) )

5. In one of my first Friday thought postings, I was pining away for the newest fad. (Snuggies, sort of fit the mold then). I'm happy to report though that Silly Bands have been around to fill a bit of the void. Here's a retro look at some others. (Notice how the majority of these are for girls, is there something inherent in being female and succumbing to fads? Just questioning, not judging.)

6. George Steinbrenner passed away this week. George was a native born Clevelander and made a legacy for himself in New York. If there was one thing I can say about George though is I'm not sure any public persona rehabilitated his image as well as George did. He moved from a cartoon character, to outcast from baseball, to elder statesmen over his career. In my opinion that was only able to be accomplished as he learned from it and adapted over time, understanding the missteps and not repeating the same mistakes. As anyone knows, that's easier said then done, I give him a world of credit for that and the fact that he did it in one of the biggest spotlights around.

7. Speaking of Cleveland's heroes and villains, here's another situation I've taken a fair amount of joy in over the years for one of our most infamous villains, Art Modell. Art is still not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and likely won't be before he passes away. In truth, he probably deserves to be based on his influence with the NFL and television. However, due to the move and the impassioned argument against Mr. Modell for the one year he was nominated from the Cleveland Plain Dealer's Brown's beat reporter Tony Grossi, he still has not been elected to the hall and doesn't appear to be in line for nomination anytime soon. I'm telling you Karma's a bitch.

8. Mel Gibson is a fruit cake and if he wasn't famous, would likely be featured on a Cops telecast, are you listening Whoopi Goldberg?

9. I would only recommend this after you see Toy Story 3, but after you do, you should visit Harry Knowles review here: . There is a reason Harry Knowles is known for his uncanny ability to narrate 'nerd/pop' movie culture.

10. Not a great week for Cleveland as we all think of the Lebron 'decision', but the fact that George Steinbrenner and Harvey Pekar passed were probably much more significant. If you haven't seen the movie about Harvey Pekar "American Splendor" I'd highly recommend it.

Have a great weekend!!

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